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Halloween Party Costume Ideas ?


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heres a list of things you could get ideas from:ests: 148: 80 minute phone conversations, abon, acting like men, adoption agencies, aldin, almir, andy persig, anything scandalous, arab gansters, asia, ass tappin, bad grammer, ballers, beryllium, big tonsils, bill gates, bitches n' hoez, black jack, blair witch project, blazing skylines, blue jeans, boriquas, bosnia, brent cogwell, bubble vests, caleb malooey, carlee bennett, ccp, ceiling fans, celion dion, ceramics, cherry bing, chinks, chronic coughing, chuckie dolls, cocain, colin hay, concrete angels, crumbs, danell is a mulatto, dasiy dukes, david bowie, deadly diseases, designer clothing, double jointed mexicans, europe, fall out boy, farmington connecticut, flapper dresses, fredericks hollywood, from first to last, frou frou, g unit, garden state, glam rock, grape cola, grotto going, growing up gotti, guidos, guitars, hawking loogies, high fives, hot summer nights, hott guys, hovercrafts, ich liebe dich, jonny blake, jud law, kelly slater, kyle gonzolas, laguna beach, laughing with able, leather couches, lemon meringue pie, lil scrappy hoes, llamas named tina, long distance phone calls, madison, magic carpets, making mistakes, manatees, maria mena, micheal jackson, missy misdemeanor elliott, monkey bars, motion city soundtrack, mr.mcnabb, mr.wollen, muhamed, naked guys, no balmir no p, old people porn, outlet plugs, paigespinnertoby, pantera, partying, passionate kisses, peta, pleather, political refugees, power plants, pulp fiction, puppy cupping, r kelly's sex tape, really hot naked guys, relay racing, rocky horror picture show, ryan gosling, sailing, sand dunes, scarface, shaved men, shooting stars, shot callers, shyzzah my hozzen, slant eyed pimps, sloppy handwriting, space jam, spaniards, spoons the bum, stealing belly button rings, stevie nicks, suicidal virgins, surge, tea bagging for money, teddies, tennis balls, the academy is, the administrative office, the blood brothers, the champagne room, the grim reaper, the matches, the shins, the smiths, thirteen, toaster cozies, tony blaire, urban dictionary, vin deisel, warewolfs, washing clothes, whale watching, wheres waldo, whistles and whips, white winged doves, women, yasser arasat

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did you read it?


Ok, I used to have this best freind, I mean, BESSSSSTTTTTTT freind, like the best freind every one wishes they have, and it was a all around perfect freindship, and we shared a LiveJournal, and one night we sat on the phone for 6 hours comming up with all of those intersts, and we thought they were the funniest things everrrrr.

Then a couple months ago, she decided that it would be better if we wernt frends.


and that was heart breaking, but hey, gotta move on ya know. :(

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I heard from some freinds that her new freinds were telling her that everyone was saying we were lesbians or some shit, and she dosent like people thinking that sort of thing about her..so she pretended to be mad at me and said that she couldnt see us being freinds anymore, and I was screaming and crying and all upset and she didnt have a care in the world.

that would have to be the worst day of my life so far.




you can be broccoli!!

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