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English fans, german fans, australian fans, french fans. Any


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I absolutely love coldplay. Their X&Y album is amazing. Which one is best parachutes, rush of coldblood to the head or X&Y?

I'm also fundraising for a charity could you give me any ideas to raise more money for a worthy cause of Mosquito nets Africa?!? I am a single 18yr old female trying to make a difference but i'm running out of ideas. I'm going back to Kenya at the end of november and i'd like to raise £100 to buy 33 mosquito nets to give to a small village just outside of nairobi to the orphanage I go to :) There are over 30 children suseptible to mosquitos and 1 net can save them. Please help any suggestions would be great or even a donation of £3 to buy one net to save the children. http://www.worldswimformalaria.com or my individual website


http://www.worldswimformalaria.com/KerriBovey thankyou :)

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i feel really dumb, please dont laf at me but what does CFU mean? i feel lost not know what that is...anyways, the net thing...great idea! but, like others, i have no suggestions, im not one of those kinds of people who can do fundraiser or anything so... im begginig to think there arent any teens who like Coldplay! ANYBODY?!?!

aussiesheela :/

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:P Thanks for telling me! i wrote you back too! hey, whos everyone's favorite person in Coldplay. i guess thats kind of mean...OH WELL! i choose...Chris, of course!

by putting the equal sign on your hane, you will def. get attention, which equals yummy information spread throughout the world! YAY!!!




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