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Queer as Folk US/UK versions

Sweet One

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Does anybody watch this show?? I watch the US version on Showcase every Monday night and this show rocks!! A bit graphic at times, but none the less rocks!!


First off, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Brian Kinney...<-- that's a whole lotta O's..hahaha He's SOOO gorgeous and i just wanna marry him!!!


I love Emmett. I think i would want him as my best friend, wouldn't you say??


The best thing about this show is that it's filmed in Toronto, so if you're ever in the city, keep you eyes peeled for Gale Harold. I may have to stalk him..just kidding.


I saw a few episodes of the UK version and it rocks!! Very cool indeed! Any other viewers? :)

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I know!! Emmett is such a sweetheart!! Remember when his old man boyfriend died and he was crying?? I just died..i wanted to give him a big hug!! haha. Babylon reminds me of this club that i saw a while back..i was like, "man, where's Brian at?" hahaha.. Brian's apartment kicks ass..hahaa


Oh, and i love how they're in Pittsburgh but in the background you can see the TTC buses and a shoppers drug mart!! hahaha.. that's classic!! My sister's friend lives just off church street and she got to meet Michael and Ted and the mom.. i wanna meet Brian!! ;)

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thats right.. too graphic :D i think i was flipping channels last week and i caught a glimpse of sweaty pecs... and it turns out they were working out

for me, showcase is only good for Made in Canada and sometimes This Hour Has 22 Minutes..

and only the ones with rick mercer cuz i DESPISE colin mochrie!

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