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hey would you say that those..


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old 80's teen comedies were the BEST!


GOD..they could never make em like that no more...

there were always the typical characters..the snoby rich kids...the rich kid's freaking obnoxious friend, the weird outkast, the sexy girl, the nerds, the bad boy..

ohh those were HILARIOUS!



The Breakfast Club


Fast Times At Ridgemon (I think) High

Pretty In Pink

16 Candles...


ahhh good stufff

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I KNOW!! did you see this other movie???l dunno what its called..l dont remember but it had the same girl from 16 candles/breakfast club...um...like in the movie, shes poor and her and this rich guy like eachother, but his friends dont like her cuz shes poor and l dunno l dont wanna give the rest away!! but its a sweet movie :)

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