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I'm sorry if someone's already posted this site on here, but even if somebody has, it's worth posting again!


And I'm not quite sure about the forum rules because (much to my dismay) I don't have time to get on here much anymore, but I think its alright to post links to a site if its purely for educational purposes!


Anywho, here's the website:




On the left hand column, click on the "Video Lesson Songs," and I think you can figure it out from there!


In my opinion, he's the greatest guitar teacher on the internet. Unlike many others, he shows you how to play a WHOLE song, not just a few riffs; he shows strumming patterns, chord charts, varying ways to play it, and (best of all) he lives in england!


He also (once again, in my opinion) shows how to play some of the greatest pieces of music ever written, including our beloved Coldplay!


I hope someone can benefit from these lessons as much as I did! Have fun!

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