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  1. As some of you might know, I used to post bass tabs by request in this thread: http://coldplaying.com/forum/index.php?threads/basstabs.39159/ After 5 years I decided to restart the bass tabs 'project' and my idea is to improve the whole idea. I'm thinking about creating note-by-note analysed tabs and sheet music including example recordings. I'm also thinking to create video's in which I play the bass line with added notes and tabs. In the first thread I noticed quiet some mistakes I made, I'm going to avoid this by creating note-by-note analyses and well-structured tabs and notes. For clarification I might add some drumbeats (original or not) and midi files to the tabs. I'm also thinking to create a 'How to' for some songs. What do you guys think (and wish?). For now I'm going to slow down on the requests as I already have a todo list for some songs, however, if you have a request please send them in a private message/conversation to me OR in a DM on Twitter (@stephanbass) Every tab will be posted in this thread
  2. For that budget you can get the http://www.thomann.de/gb/yamaha_p_45_b.htm (Yamaha P 45) stage piano inc. shipping for £ 354.24! If you go on that same website (http://www.thomann.de/gb/keys.html) you can find different amount of great keyboards and pianos that fit very well within that budget! I advice you to just sniff around and check the samples that most products have on the website. I bought plenty of things from them and never had any troubles. Don't know about the importation for your country tho, you could contact them maybe about that, you wouldn't be the first one asking!
  3. Completely agree with Coldplayfan1294! I started out on a Yamaha B2 Upright piano. There was a possibility for me to 'rent' it for a monthly share and once you shared the full price of the piano, you become the owner of it. This piano was amazing and the sound was superb. It contained a little very cool system called 'SilentPiano', which can change it into a digital piano using the center pedal. This system works very well and the sound is as good as identical acoustic as 'silent'. After a year or 2 I decided to swap it up for the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 320 as the size is way smaller, it's also possible to take it apart. This piano his fully digital and even has some different built-in sounds and effects. I found that the sound was as good, and even better, than the B2 and the keyboard was identical (88 weighted keys, no difference at all). It has built-in speakers and also MIDI connections so you can use it for way more than 'just' piano. Nowadays I don't have a piano anymore as I owe a KeyRig 49 MIDI keyboard. Via software I can get any piano possible to imagine and even change it up to something totally different. I use it to create whole songs without using anything besides the KeyRig (and my bassguitar). Sorry for the whole story, but I think that it could inspire you to make a good decision based on my experience with different kind of pianos. So what I would advice is to look for a descent digital or stage piano with at least the features described above. For a few hundred euros/dollars you'll be able to find something good. To answer your questions: 1. Try to find a descent stage piano, they are more compact than an upright or digital piano. 2. Digital or stage with at least MIDI functionality. Via software you'd be able to do things that a keyboard could do. 3. The best answer here is: As many as possible. 49 keys would be OK but more is advised tot start with.
  4. Ok, so I did some very well listening with different type of EQ changes and panning changes and have a little clip in which you can hear differences. They are very minor, however, they are not completely identical. Listen to the 'I know' and 'somehow'. [MEDIA=zippyshare]file=hsKs6L8Y;server=75[/MEDIA] Sadly Zippyshare destroyed the sound quality a bit.
  5. I might be listening to the wrong lines, going to check it inside my DAW.
  6. Listen to the recording from 23-06 at 4:20, the note is low. Now listen to the recording from 24-06 at 9:19, the same note is high! :)
  7. They do sound similar but both are mostly straight forward (great performed). I did decide to check the difference between both Amsterdam shows, I went to the second one but didn't make a complete video of the song. I found one on YouTube which clearly has a lot of differences! Especially it's easy to notice it after the first guitar solo! 23-06-2016 (from 03:55) : 24-06-2016 (from 08:50) So I'm kind of sure that Up&Up is generally not a lip-sync!
  8. After some playing around and testing around I've came to the conclusion that he indeed is lip-syncing Clocks in at least six performances mentioned in this thread. I've uploaded an audio file(below this line) in which you can hear the results: [MEDIA=zippyshare]file=lUBWousy;server=117[/MEDIA] I did some editing to make Chris's voice more hearable. You might think that it just sounds as one performance. However, these are six(!) different performances layered on top of each other. So, six different tracks made from six different performances. I've looped different parts in the tracks and the vocals are completely identical. I did hear some vibrato differences in one word between the April 15th Mexico recording and the May 24th Nice recording. I'm however assuming that it's just because of the quality difference. Now, what I think about the lip-sync: It's sad that he does some lip-syncing. It's Clocks, they have been singing this song for many many years, he should be able to sing this song with no problem at all... There could of course be vocal troubles, which I wouldn't be surprised about as he is singing often flat lately. Live or lip-sync, It's still clocks and it's still Coldplay performing the song. His piano appears to be at least live (various mistakes within those six recordings). Last week friday I enjoyed the song a lot in Amsterdam, so I don't make a big deal out of it. I checked some other songs and they all appear to be very live! :)
  9. Hey everyone. Please post here your request for bass covers of ANY Coldplay song you can think of. :) I'll record it ASAP and post it in this thread.
  10. I'm sorry, I lost all the files. :( Does any one that downloaded it, still have the files?
  11. It's a great cover! Especially after just learning it! You wrote that you have short fingers and still try to play with only two fingers on your left hand (index and ring-finger tend to float a lot). When you go from the Db(fret 9 on E) to the Db(fret 11 on D) and then to Eb (fret 13 on D) you could keep your index at the Db(9th) while you play the Eb with your middle-finger and the high Eb with your pinky. This way it's less stressful for your fingers. Also try to learn some scales with correct hand positioning. This will teach you to use your pinky and other fingers in a correct, comfortable and a beneficial way. This website will be very useful: http://www.studybass.com/study-guide/ If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me. :)
  12. As I can see, he uses a Ampeg B15 amp+cab: If you have Amplitube 3 with Ampeg SVX, there is a B15 (newer model) in there. It sounds pretty close to Guy's sound from GS. Besides as mentioned before he seems to use often some overdrive, delays and reverbs and chorus. What I can hear in ASFOS is a very light delay, very subtle overdrive, chorus and reverb. Magic is mostly EQ (especially boosts in the high and cuts in the low+mids) AIMH is mostly bit of a reverb and in the second bass track some delay.
  13. :) The thread with over 50% of my posts. :shocked2: +1 Brent!
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