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The best illogical arguments you have used to actually convince people


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Every once in a while you will come across a good or open-minded person just so swept up in their beliefs that it becomes difficult or impossible to convince them of the right thing given the truth and the empirical evidence of the matter. It happens more frequently with the adult or elderly, some of them have lived their entire lives based on incorrect principles and it would be too unnerving to sweep aside everything even if they feel, in their gut, it is probably correct. I have sympathy for them and recognize that part of the human condition.


When its important to get a message across, however, we on the other side aren't entirely helpless either. Most human beings have some sort of desire to follow a logical or self-consistent series to their conclusions, even if the evidence is incorrect, which gives you an opening when it really matters.


I think we could get a good laugh out of presenting the silliest arguments or points we have made in the past, then, that actually convinced someone of something. I'm not gonna be self-righteous and pretend that I know everything, and I think we should keep it light, so please refrain from bad-natured trolls or arguing someone elses philosophies here =)


OK I'll start with a couple:

emot-banjo.gif (on convincing a religious person about queer sexuality not being a choice: ) Just because God declares it is a sin to engage in homosexual acts doesn't necessarily mean he would make that sin a choice forever. Some people are predisposed to all sorts of sinning. Girls with more ample breasts will be subject to more temptation than those without, on average, right? Well, its the same for gay people, they were just born with additional temptations in the same manner.


emot-banjo.gif (on turning the logic of a person skeptical of Barack Obama around: ) If Obama really is a stealth Muslim, though, isn't that a net benefit to us? Islamists would be less likely to attempt terrorist attacks that ran a risk of hurting one of their brothers or embarrassing his prestige!

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