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Milk Teeth


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So it's been a while since I looked them up.... :uhoh:


If every you want proof that rumors were just pulled out of some bloggers imagination, apparently they've changed their name. They're now known as "The Hunger Pangs". And their bassist just left. :thinking:


Spring Cleanin’

Just because we can, R.I.P the name "the Milk Teeth" and all hail our new name, new sexy look logo - please give a warm welcome to "the Hunger Pangs" - thats right y’all, no longer shall we be known as The Milk Teeth - we’re now that freakin’ super beat combo - The Hunger Pangs!!!! Keep it pangin"!!!




But who knows. Most of the new songs are quite good- much better than some of their old ones. http://www.myspace.com/hungerpangs



I think I have seen a band called Milk Teeth supporting the Subways back in 2006, however I can't remember anything.


Yeah, that was probably them- they did support the Subways for a bit.

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