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  1. Supply & Demand The promoters think that the market can cope with charging £72.50 for GA (plus various fees on top), no doubt the show will sell out with tickets soon appearing on the parasitic secondary market sites for £120+.
  2. And pay over the odds for venue drinks? ;)
  3. The trick with bottles is to have spare lids buried in your bag, then if the security person decides to remove the lid you have a spare to relid it once clear of security :cool4:
  4. Manchester crowds are normally better for an atmosphere. Less "casual" fans
  5. Amazing show :) Although I was a bit chicken and "hid" on the unreserved seats to avoid the rain (but somehow made it back to Waterloo by 23:00 by sheer luck at being able to jump on the first Marylebone shuttle from the Stadium Station God put a smile upon my face tonight :-)
  6. Good song :) The album will probably just appear with no prior warning
  7. Dead souls by Ian Rankin, the last of my unread Rebus books. Although I have no idea what I will read next, probably pick a random book from my decreasing pile, and do my usual see if I connect with it within the first 40 or so pages
  8. It's an experience unlike other festivals, so much you could do around the site
  9. However any "returns" are put up for sale around April time (or any tickets which haven't been paid for in full by the deadline), so you might get lucky in the resale. Just remember to register (I'm sure the Glastonbury festival website will shout out when registrations are open again)
  10. Amazing live set on Saturday at the Brixton Academy :)
  11. Just finished Personal (Jack Reacher 19), when not up to the standards of the early books, it was a good read. Got to wait until the local library service allocates the latest volume to me (making use of the local library to borrow books, saves money). Not sure what I'm going to read next, my book back-pile is looking a lot heathier now than it has done :)
  12. Although going Tidal-only probably back fired in a massive way with non Tidal users putting two fingers up and downloading it for free. The sort who might have paid for a CD or download if one was available.
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