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New album - meaning of the lyrics..


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Can anyone here plz help me to understand some of the lyrics in the VLVODAAHF?


I understand that lyrics are abstract and stuff, but still..


I'm really struggling to digeste the entire song "Yes" - especially a chorus ( first couple of lines), the lines "I thought you might be a ghost... etc" in "42",

the chorus in "Lovers in Japan", yeah , thats pretty much it;)... I searched the forum before creating this topic, but nothing really...


If anybody would even shortly describe their understanding og these songs, I would be really really grateful :)


Thanks :D

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em..yeah, but they dont -discuss- the meaning of the lyrics, do they? and i just decided to save time and put it all in one topic :)


Yes is about lust...being in a relationship and trying desperately to abstain from sex..."but its not easy when she turns you onnnn..."


He is wanting her to just please say "YES" so they can get after it!

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