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Headstone of singer Ian Curtis stolen


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The headstone of Ian Curtis, the lead singer of late 1970s band Joy Division, has been stolen from a Cheshire cemetery.


Police announced today that the theft occurred between Monday lunch time and Tuesday morning at Macclesfield Cemetery on Prestbury Road.


The headstone carries the inscription "Ian Curtis 18 - 5 - 80" and the words "Love Will Tear Us Apart".


It has little material value, but the stone has become a beacon for Joy Division fans who have visited the town on pilgrimages from all over the world. Police officers suspect it may have been taken by a fan of the singer.


A Cheshire Police spokesman said: “It's an unusual theft, it's probably a good piece of memorabilia for someone.


"There is no CCTV in the area and there are no apparent leads as to who is responsible for the theft.”


Curtis was an iconic performer until his death in 1980. He hanged himself in his kitchen at the age of 23, just as his band were about to embark on a tour of America.


Interest in his life was rekindled recently with the release of the 2007 biopic Control as well as a documentary called Joy Division earlier this year.


Police urged anyone with information to contact them on 0845 458 0000.



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