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First 'official' Prospekt's March review (?)


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Not sure if this has been posted, but looking at PM's wiki page, I stumbled upon this review.




they give it a 6/10, looks like this person isn't too high on experimental stuff. And to be honest, whoever uses the f-bomb in a review isn't professional to me IMHO.


Take it as you wish. ;)

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NME is fucking shit anyway

Theyre woo too mainstream indie (yes indeed) to be a respectable magazine anymore.

They called Morrissey a Racist,

They said the Klaxons were the band of the year,

And that Alice Glass from Crystal Castles (diabolical) is the coolest person of 2008

Slate Coldplay? You have gone too far.


Is anyone with me or what?

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The weirdest thing is that he refers to "Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground" as stripped-down and acoustic guitar-led, which sounds totally different the the review by The Sun.



There he is actually referring to Life in Technicolor II.

But that's what makes me most skeptical about this idiot, he never actually mentions the song Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground.

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It sounds like the reviewer is bashing the band for releasing the EP on it's own and also as a bonus disc to the album. But you can bet when it comes to reviewing the Glasvegas re-release of their album with bonus christmas tracks it will get a 10/10 review.


The NME lost it in 2001.


(But on another note, taking a look at the future releases on Amazon, Coldplay are not the only band re-releasing albums with bonus cds/tracks, quite a few artists are, to rid off the fans who got the original album, only to have to buy the entire album again to get the bonus tracks)

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