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Could Coldplay pull a Radiohead/NIN


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Just wondering, do you think Coldplay could pull off a Radiohead/NIN and release their next album free/pay-what-you-want?


They certainly are a big enough name, and rich enough... even if it was the next EP of say Demos/More deleted tracks from previous sessions.


I would ESPECIALLY love to see them release some songs for remixing. I've gotten plenty of fun from the Radiohead/NIN remix tracks... and I can only imagine the more fun I'd have with Coldplay (since I actually really enjoy their music).



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Well since they will still be with EMI for the next record, I highly doubt that they will be able to do it. Chris said that they had to convince the label just to let them release Violet Hill for free...so they apparently don't have many freedoms. But I think that after the 5th album, their contract with EMI is finished... so maybe if they release a 6th album, they may do something like that.

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I dont know. The music industry is really changing, and if bands want to stay afloat they have to be willing to try new things. Maybe not giving away for free, but certainly willing to give up a few tracks... and the remix projects are a GREAT way to get fans involved and interested.


The fact is its gotta be a band that's got the cash, and the time, and the desire - and I think the boys fall into all three of those categories.


Hell, what was the last mainstream band you know that put out an EP in the last couple years. I cant think of many.

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