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  1. Holy shit Coldplay. Welcome fucking back. Talk about a banger.
  2. ^^ I cannot see Coldplay doing a Greatest Hits record until they're done making music.
  3. Now you see, this is why I do have to contextualize my disdain for X&Y a bit. This is also why music is so cool, because people have different memories attached to different albums/songs, so it hold different significance to everyone. I first started listening to Coldplay in 2002, just after AROBTTH. Before then, music was not very important to me. My parents were never particularly interested in music, so I never had anyone to "guide" me through music and how awesome it could be. "The Scientist" was the first song I had ever listened to that did something to me. Before, music was just... there. I had such a strong reaction to that song... it was like a light switch being thrown. It was also like the first whiff of a very addictive drug that has persisted to this day-- and I owe that to this band. That's a hefty thing: an integral part of my life's meaning and identity. I obsessed about the coming of the new album. I waited three long years to hear new Coldplay songs (which to me was something so inconceivably awesome I could barely handle it) and to see them live (which, at that point, was basically my life's goal). When X&Y came out, I listened to it dozens and dozens of times. I picked out parts of songs I liked and tried mercilessly to convince myself that this album was what I wanted. And it just... wasn't I didn't have one of those "oh shit" moments like I had had with almost every song off the first two. It just felt overly-polished, flat, and boring. Durign that time I listened to that album possibly 100s of times-- all begrudgingly. I just wanted to love it so much, but I didn't and I had to come to terms with the fact that Coldplay kind of let me down. And that's a big stain on what otherwise could be considered a good album. And years later, I still return time and time again to Rush and Parachutes (and, later, Viva), but X&Y literally never occurs to me. I just never got into my bloodstream like the others.
  4. I would love a PM as well! I was just listening to this today with my AudioTechnica headphones and thought how nice it would be to have a more high quality recording to listen to with those things!
  5. ^^ Sparks is in my top ten. Of course, my top ten changes just about every day, but Sparks always tends to stay up there. :) Today I'm really digging Strawberry Swing, Oceans, and ALIENS.
  6. It's very well done, and very beautiful. What a nice idea for a tattoo. I love the artwork from that ear as well. Well done! What is your first Coldplay tattoo?
  7. I, too, was once upon a time on here a lot. Fell off after Xylo came out. Then my friends at r/indieheads indicated that their new song was good (AICTAIY) and so, curious, I listened to it. Here I am. :)
  8. I used to make icons too, now that I think of it. If y'all want to use any of them around here in the forums, feel free. :) My old LJ icon journal. (There's more than just Coldplay on there, but there's a lot of Coldplay) http://drdanaspooky.livejournal.com/
  9. I actually did pick out a photo! I was planning on doing a series: a portrait of all four individually, playing in darkness. This is the photo: https://coldplaying.com/gallery/will-champion/will-champion-up-close-and-personal/nggallery/page/4#gallery/3061db2f25d13aa9e4c5720c46a4f85d/592
  10. I, unfortunately, never go around to Will. :(
  11. Here's one I did of Guy, like a million years ago. Here's a link, cause the image I uploaded is pretty shit quality:
  12. I did not mean to imply that the other three don't contribute to my love for them. The band would not be Coldplay if even one were to disappear. But, Coldplay would be nothing without Chris' voice. On the other hand, Coldplay would also be nothing without Jonny's guitar, Will's drumming/arrangements, and Guy's bass work. You can't really parse them out, but, when I first heard Coldplay, what first dragged me into my love for them, was Chris' voice. I think that's what I was really trying to say. Their best songs are definitely when all four of them are firing in sync with one another and all their contributions are allowed to really shine through (see: my comments about AICTAIY).
  13. I agree so much. There is really nothing like it. :)
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