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  1. ...just lost to Liverpool 0-5 as a result of clearly poor management which left them with inefficient attacking movement and a horribly vulnerable (and far too high) backline (not unlike when they played Man shitty). Fulham deserved to beat them 2 weeks ago, and it took heroics for them just to beat Sunderland. i.e. It's nothing to brag about.
  2. Wow, the story was as elaborate and creative as I had hoped. I know extremely little about Nordic mythology, so I appreciate reading the story. The snow marching and waves make perfect sense now. I'm ashamed for not having recognized Julianna Barwick (her work is fantastic), and I am quite fond of Efterklang's first album, but haven't heard much else. Gonna look these up now, thanks again! :toff:
  3. Thank you, kindly! you've been a warm and courteous recipient. :P 1. Disengaged by Grouper 2. Neighborhood by Daniel Wohl 3. Theme 1 (Waltz) by Andrew Bird 4. Tack and Tower by Benoit Pioulard 5. Night and Day by Art Tatum 6. Sort of Light by Cuushe 7. Buckeye Jim by Burl Ives 8. Small Memory (Tuung remix) by Jon Hopkins 9. I’m Not Myself by Boardwalk 10. Farewell to Earnest (“The Householder” Soundtrack) by Jyotirindra Moitra 11. Apologetic Shoulder Blades by Baths 12. You by Nils Frahm 13. Leaves Eclipse The Light (Nick Zammuto Remix) by Eluvium 14. Lord Knows Best by Dirty B
  4. Southampton score after 12 seconds from Essien blunder. lulz
  5. Okay then. The tape I received is titled “Sedna: The Movie” and begins with the Warner Bros. horns theme. First, that is awesome. Secondly, I am made instantly curious as to how far this movie theme stretches out. More credit is due for the fact that the tape came with cover art. It's also divided into 6 audio files with somewhat cinematic titles, some of which contain various tracks neatly mixed together (I was even provided with a file that has the whole tape on one track). Thus, the WB theme cleanly merges seamlessly into soft, dissonant, ominous piano chords, and then into a rust
  6. ^ Yeah, was just reading about that. I can't dispute that France are the better side, just hope there's no debacle this time around. :cool:
  7. I caught the highlights without audio. The 2nd goal definitely looked offside, while the 3rd had material for debate. I wouldn't have bet against France getting a 3rd in extra-time, but wondering if there was any reaction or sense of injustice.
  8. You have a good point, but intent (and context) are certainly relevant. The fact that she/they end up scantily clad and shaking their asses was surely foreshadowed by that intentionally ironic lyric to illustrate the manipulation of the industry. Surely she doesn't actually mean to say that all the dancers in the video are brainless. #couldbewrong
  9. Pretty much. There's not a single Fulham fan who would've preferred Senderos to Hughes. Senderos has been in some part responsible for each goal this game, and historically, he's allowed more goals than any Fulham striker has scored in a season. He committed a worse howler no less than 4 days ago. But even then, why the hell Jol would insist on such a high line is beyond me. The team has disappointed in every single game this season, we didn't even control the play against Crystal Palace. (Big sigh) Anyway, other highlights. Sunderland have absolutely lost the plot in a game they act
  10. Does it really matter that you understand it? Why does silence or ambience need a justification? Personally I'm lukewarm on the album. Musically I'm just bored by it, but I'll probs give it one more chance.
  11. Bale to start in El Classico. Looks like Januzaj is Utd's only hope. I predict a Stoke player will be sent off before this is done.
  12. Just saw the highlights of Villa-Everton. Howard putting on a show.
  13. Arnautovic! Horrible defending by Jones to give up the free kick. I'd been waiting for Marko to make his mark, he was fantastic for Bremen.
  14. Should be 2-0 Stoke. Absolute perfect chance from the center of the box.
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