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  1. Well this thread seems to be more or less dead, but would LOVE if someone had sheets from the last two albums (AHFOD and Everyday Life)
  2. Do the real stems for Viva la Vida actually exist, or just the RB3 rips?
  3. So this thing seems impossible to track down (definitely should have ordered it back in the day) Does anyone know where I can buy it? Or has it and can rip it and upload it somewhere? It's not my *favourite* Coldplay record (by a long shot) but it'd be nice to be able to hear the 5.1 mixes.
  4. Any chance i could get 1080p Sao Paulo?

  5. Was up at 10 on the dot. Floor seats were crazy expensive, so opted for the more reasonable prices which puts you back in the 200 section (which sucks). but now ticketmaster is timing out and i can't get seats. ARGH!
  6. Looking for a good piano sheet music for Sky Full of Stars
  7. Wow. Viva La Vida multitrack stems! Those would have been handy a couple years back... Garage Band stems were all I had for "the Suite". Cool find!
  8. Just discovered this and thought I should share. http://musescore.com/wjw42-t/atlas#
  9. Chris performed an absolutely beautiful solo piano arrangement of Us Against The World that I'd love to learn how to play if anyone has good transcription skills. Damn him and his beautiful piano playing. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CPz4c5Qjfo]Chris Martin/Coldplay Us Against The World 121212concert Hurricane Sandy - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Well yes, because it was never taken out to begin with. The order was simply cancelled on their end. Placed a new order today but no Litho. I'm not going to bother cancelling this one and buying in the shops because this way it'll get delivered to my door, but it's still really frustrating/upsetting. I tried contacting customer service to see what they can do. Who knows. Maybe I'll get lucky but I won't hold my breath. First my exclusive litho from the ETIAW set got thrown out when my girlfriend accidentally threw out the whole package thinking it was empty (it wasn't) and now this. I am forever cursed not to enjoy free Coldplay gifts.
  11. Well now this is INCREDIBLY annoying. Because my bank effed up my billing information my original pre-order from months back was cancelled. Just had to place a new order now but no where on the site does it mention the exclusive lithograph meaning I guess I'm now no longer getting it. Which is really upsetting because I was so looking forward to framing it. My original order listed the Bluray and the poster, this one just the bluray. So it looks like I am now out a poster. Stupid banks.
  12. As others have stated, probably just one is in a DVD case, the other is packaged as a CD. They did the same with Live 2005.
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