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Where Are All The Acoustic Performances?


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Seriously. The only acoustic songs we've heard from Viva are Lost? and LIJ.


Pretty disappointing. I'd love to hear what they could try to do with the Viva songs acoustic.


I remember with previous albums, they'd always do some acoustic performance or what not.


I mean form AROBTTH, there's acoustic performances of Politik, Clocks, In My Place, God Put a Smile On Your Face, The Scientist, Green Eyes, Warning Sign, Amsterdam


Maybe even the track, AROBTTH? That's like the whole album.



Parachutes IS practically acoustic.


On X&Y we heard Swallowed In The Sea, Til Kingdom Come, Speed Of Sound, A Message, The Hardest Part. I dunno, maybe even more?


It annoys me that we havn't heard more than 2 of the viva songs.


Wouldn't it be great?

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I've been wondering the exact same thing for some time. Where are all the acoustic performances? During the Twisted Logic tour I remember countless acoustic radio performances. My favourite was a piano/guitar version of Swallowed In The Sea, and then of course the Japanese session.


I'm not sure what's with the lack of acoustic performances on this tour, but I'd love to hear a stripped down version of Violet Hill or Cemeteries.

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