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bad week


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i'm not usually a fan of these types of threads but it's 9.15am on a saturday morning and i have no one to talk to, and am only awake because i was woken at 7.20 by this massive painful attack to my head.


biggest headache i've ever had, ever.


not sure what it is, i think it's something to do with a cold i've had for a while, but either way, it's really hurting and painkillers just aren't working.


aside from that, i've sprained my ankle again. i did it last august and i couldn't run or play football for about 3 months cause of it. this one doesn't look as bad as that, and the swellings gone down already (i did it on wednesday) so it's just a huge bruise but walking's still uncomfortable and difficult.



anyways, i'm on my laptop again after having to pay £40 for a new charger after my last one decided it wanted to take up smoking. dangerous habit for a charger, i think. so i was without a laptop for the last week of term, the week with all of my deadlines, which is always wonderful.



and on top of all that, someone i basically gave everything i had to and a whole year to, is totally ignoring me, and i'm not sure why. i don't know, i guess it could be the breaking up with her thing (that was me pointing out the obvious) but there's way more to it than that. if you know me even slightly as a person away from this forum you'll know that there's way more to it.


but i'm supposed to be going home for christmas any time now, but i'm not going til monday night because i wanted to hang around and try and fix this thing with the person who's ignoring me. but it's kinda difficult when i'm being ignored. so i'm gonna be sat around here all weekend by myself because everyone else has gone home, with the only person i actually have down here that i didn't meet at uni, ignoring me.


so if she doesn't snap out of that, i'm in for another shit weekend to add to my wonderful week and a half. oh, make that month and a half, well, basically since late october.




fantastic. rant over.

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