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  1. Hey happy birthday Nathan.

  2. Yo! You iznt banned blood.

  3. Do you want to be harassed by a 40+ year old man with no social life? Then you've come to the right forum! All you have to do is be naive, too nice to tell a person to "fuck off" and more importantly easily influenced. If you tick all of these boxes, just link your facebook in your profile and you'll have your very own 40+ year old man (as long as you don't have your parents on facebook)
  4. Are you all morons or something? My forum is now all fucked up now, as you've made Mark's posts invisible for me? What was the point in doing that? I can barely navigate around the forum. If you don't reverse this I'm probably just going to leave the forum
  5. HorrificAttack


    Ceolsige is pretty stupid though, to be fair.
  6. This is my emo thread too, I've realised how fucking little I have enjoyed the last few years of my life recently, it's just been fucking shit. I can't wait to move away. Not that it is the location that is the problem, but it's a new start and I'll actually be doing things I enjoy...I should have been doing this 3 years ago though. I've been sitting depressed for 3 years, I was almost apologising to my friend Jack for being happy yesterday, I just wasn't used to it.
  7. I also developed inherent laziness, as I got used to everything being so easy.
  8. Are you fucking kidding me? Pizza? Really? What the fuck are you thinking? Seriously. Trying a new recruiting pool? Sorry I don't see any 14 year old girls around you fucking sad piece of shit.
  9. LOL RETARDS. I could read and write etc way faster than most, cos I am awesome.
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