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Coldplay Doubles For Sale or Trade


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So I have for sale or trade:


Shiver Australian Version Slim jewel case VERY VERY RARE:


Clocks Remixes 12 inch Very Very Rare 1 out of 1000:


Speed of sound Mexican Promo Different cover has green symbol very cool Hard to find:


Special Live Very Very Rare includes 6 live songs only realized in Mexico and Argentina:


Speed of Sound 12 inch clear very cool the record is see through:


Trouble clear disk The outer edges are see through:


In my place 3 song digipack:


In my place Promo from the UK:



If interested PM me. I have a valid ebay account check me out andrewrozwadowski

If you want one I can list it on ebay as a buy it now and then you can buy it so there are no complications. I accept paypal and money order in the US.


Oh yeah one more thing..... THERE IS FREE SHIPPING IN THE US

Why pay the outrages rates others charge when you can get it from me for nothing. Outside of the US I will charge you what it costs me not a penny more. This is because I am sick of buying stuff from out of the US and them charging 11 Euros to ship a CD or my favorite 17 GBP to ship 2 cds that arrived 2 weeks later.


Pictures are available upon request and all my stuff is Excellent or MINT

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