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I searched a good songbook in the internet and have found this:




Does anyone of you have this songbook? Are the lyrics correct? The chords are not so important to me, I just wanted to have all of the lyrics in one book, to learn them a bit better for the concert in August :). It's very interesting because there are also some B-Side Tracks in it.


If it's not good, does anyone of you has a better songbook?


For the VLV - lyrics I wanted to buy the tour programme at the concert because you can only purchase it on their official webshop and I do not know how to order it without a credit card or something like this. Or do you know where I could order it (from Germany)?


Thx for your help :kiss:


Edit: Just found the songbook above for a better prize on amazon.de and I also found a songbook for VLV, but there are only the VLV tracks in it, not Prospekt's march...

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