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Coldplay live at Splendour in the Grass 2003 256kbps MP3


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Hey everyone.


I have a present for you.


I was able to source an amazing recording of the gig, and have set up a torrent to share it with everyone. The torrent file is at the link below, as well as the bittorrent software if you dont have it.


The more people that download, the faster it is for everyone to get, just leave it open for a bit after you finish downloading!




I was at this concert, it was fucking amazing, and this recording really captures it.


Enjoy everyone.


Elliot, smiling politely.[/b]

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which software file do we download' date=' as the one I chose aint working :dozey:[/quote']


The one listed on the page is a good one, but if that doesnt work for you the original bitorrent is here -->



there are a lot of seeds at the moment, so it should be very fast for everyone.


I hope you guys enjoy it.



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Hicksy : So far many hundreds of people have downloaded it. at 100mb a pop. There is no other way that it could have gotten out to so many people in such a short time (2 days). Perhaps if it is not working for you then you may need to look at your set up.


Kettercat : what exactly is happening? im sure we can work it out. :)



While bitorrent isnt perfect for everything, i dont know of a better way to do this. I am not even seeding it anymore, it is surviving very well on its own.

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