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  1. I'm struggling with the new album tbh It certainly needs more listens but first impressions are average to poor :huh:
  2. I actually bought a second copy of this album in the HMV sale because I wanted the DVD that comes with the new edition Now I feel silly :lol:
  3. Don't get me wrong I like it It's just a step back from the original solo live performance :(
  4. Any more information on this? Is it the MFT 2006 concert? Who? What? Where? for tickets? :)
  5. Evapourated - Mr Ben Folds :)
  6. Well todays my recover day for a super mad week of musical goodness Satuday - Oasis/Foo Fighters/Razorlight/Coral/Subways - Noise And Confusion, Cardiff Sunday - Kaiser Cheifs/Maximo Park/Hard-Fi/Editors/Chas & Dave!! - Brixton Monday - Ben Folds!! - Brixton Tuesday - Coldplay - Earls Court And been working every other day around it :dozey: It's a week later and i'm resting up my tired ass!!! :cool:
  7. The biigest band of 2006? They've got my money!!! Bloody brilliant, do yourself a favour and check them out people! :)
  8. woooooooooo got tickets to go see them at the Astoria - London in Feb 06 whooooot! :D
  9. Some good new items over at WASTE to tide us over til 2006 Long live RADIOHEAD!!!! :cool:
  10. I am a fan of her recorded material Not so much her efforts at live material That is all Carry on :cool:
  11. It is the same merchandise - it's all the Twisted Logic tour AFAIK prices are fairly steep IMO too, £20 for the decent shirts :(
  12. the missus will be happy ;) from my memory they come on aboot 9pm :cool:
  13. I've got issues... ... it's still not as good as chris' live solo attempt ... i don't like gravity "pushing"... it "pulls" goddam it!! that is all carry on :o
  14. It's disappointing they have not nailed this song live yet as it is one of my favourite x & y tracks!
  15. I was there :D Was a great night, not the best gig from them I have seen, but a very strong performance none the less. I think it was as much a sign of the length of time they have been touring the setlist as much the fact that Earls Court is not the best of venues. 8/10 from me tho ;)
  16. I got eaten by a toilet? :o Seriously, it was just a bidet :lol: Thanky muchos for the lovely thread people! Sorry I have not been around much. Real life is busier than ever but I still try and pop in every few days to keep an eye on things :nice: Miss ya'll and stay frosty :) *big hugs* Si x :cool:
  17. DCFC are brilliant! Can't believe it took me so long to find them! :o
  18. I'm pretty darn sure that in a uk mag Chris actually quoted an online store where the clothes for the x&y tour were available, curse my lameness but I can't remember - anyone else know? :D
  19. My fave is Ether Song :)
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