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  1. Someone just bumped a very old thread of yours. I don't suppose you'll ever read this, but Hi anyway, hope you're okay. x

  2. I'll have to love you and leave you guys... Time for me to go. Tomorrow early morning I'll be joining the army, that will basically be my life from now on for at least two years. Don't worry, I'll still visit every once in awhile... I'll usually be home every night, but for the next few weeks I'll only be home a weekend every two weeks or so. Wish me luck guys... I'm shitting myself right now. Love ya! :kiss:
  3. Yeah, exactly ^^ that's what my mum said, "What do you need records for? You have CDs!" .....it's not the same!!
  4. ...yet Jonathan Ryhs Meyers and Jared Leto on the other hand :wink3: Jared Leto and Colin Farrell will be lovers, by the way :sneaky: :wink3: :wink3: :wink3: :wink3: :wink3:
  5. Exactly!! Apparently, they "just didn't need them anymore" :rolleyes:
  6. Haha, I know!! I'm sooooooo over-reacting, but GOD!!! Why would someone throw away records, and PURE-GOOD records?! ARGH. This bugs the hell out of me, my parents are now tired of me going on and on and on, telling them off. I just can't believe it... God, what I'd do to have them all back now... I just don't understand what they were thinking.
  7. God, my parents are stupid! I only just now found out that when I was little, my Dad had a massive collection of more than 200 vinyl records... Led Zeppelin, very limited and rare editions of Jimi Hendrix records (my Dad said that he had an import of one record that was limited to about 50 copies worldwide!)... And my parents threw them all away when we moved!! :stunned: I'm seriously having pains in my chest just thinking about it... I actually have tears in my eyes. I just can't believe it.
  8. Now, who could forget the most beautiful person in the world? Jared Leto, of course :heart:
  9. Irish accent, grrrrrrrr :wink3: Laugh all you want, but I'm so obsessed with James Nesbitt's accent :smug:
  10. I JUST CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE TO COME OUT!!!! God, I've been waiting for over a year now.... still a few more months to go :cry: Just look how good it looks :wink3: Colin, Jonathan and Jared do make a team, don't they?
  11. Yeah, he was one of the greatest friends I've ever had... even if it lasted for only awhile. I feel like calling him but well, he's away and it'd be too weird. I dunno. I guess I'll have to leave it like that... because apart from the "romantic" side of things, he's also done some things that no friend should do... and hurt me :/ And yeah, I'm joining the army this Tuesday.... all scared and everything :stunned: still can't believe it. Of course I'll still get my ass and say 'hello' every once in awhile :P I'll be home every night, it'll be more like a job... Only now I'll be away f
  12. Ahh, what a tosser. It's true what they say, innit? All the best women are married, all the handsome men are gay... Oh wait, that's Robbie Williams :lol: I haven't talked to him and probably never will... seeing as we lost touch, and he's also away in the army now (and so will I be in a couple of days...) Maybe I'll bump into him one day, I dunno...... as we do live quite close to one another. It just.... bothers me. I feel so dumb.
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