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Crests of Daylight/Glacial Fox/Crests, Foaming at the Mouth

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meh ok I guess I have exams in just over a week and my friends are starting to piss me off, so if I fail and have to stay here another year and that will really suck.

How are you Nick/Gregg?


That 'aint cool.

I'm good. Not much happening. Just working or trying to arrange band practices. But now my synths broke and I got a text saying I had to pay my mobile phone bill or they'd cut me off.


So not awesome, but still good.

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Ahhh damn. I was so excited that someone made a wiki page just about Crests and her excessive post count here.


We've missed you, btw.

I've missed you guys too haha ;__;


Where have you been?

elsewhere on the internet tbh


The Lounge just got busier upon your return. We've got 4 threads going at once. Usually it's one post every half an hour.


You must stay.


Crests is the secret to the forum being exciting again.


oOooOoo magical :awesome:



she has a life now

she's one of them :(

not a chance :P


How have you guys been?

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It's scary out there...well it's scary here too.

The internet is gonna eat me help

Have you surpassed five figure post count somewhere else?

Nope, just four figures hahaha


I want her to make the seven figure post count here.

That seemed a possibility in the beginning hahaha

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