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  1. Nope, that's the beauty & pain of the internet. Dumb shit you said years ago will follow you to the grave
  2. Maybe this is just me, but I think part of it also has to do with the state of Chris's singing voice. It's never been absolutely incredible but he's just been really really struggling live the past few years. I wonder if that has restricted the material they've been putting out, at least vocally.
  3. What the actual fuck is going on with Muse right now I'm so lost with these tour announcements. First of all, why would they wait this long to announce a tour? In Europe, they can wait ~5 months after the album's released and still sell out arenas (on multiple dates) but in the US? Good luck. They'll sell out the big areas (NY, Boston, Chicago, CA, etc) but they'll struggle to fill the less populated areas (who have fans who still deserve to see them). And having these tour dates trickle in is so frustrating. I have to check the site every single day to make sure I don't miss an announcement for a show near me. Which is a little bit frightening as well because the dates they announced are during finals week????? Who thought that would be a good idea, in the dead of winter? That might be okay in San Diego, but imagine queuing in Chicago?! Also, why do tickets come with a copy of the album? If I'm dishing out this much money to see you play I obviously already own your album. I'd rather save that $10-$15 lol. In terms of the 360 stage I have very high hopes, I think it's going to be another visually amazing show. They have yet to let me down with that.
  4. Wow I like this thread a lot. In terms of what you're all talking about, I always got the impression that the band was very much carried by Chris. Like the rest of them had input and whatever but it was always Chris making the decisions. I almost hope that none of them regret what they're making just because that would be a really shit feeling. And I feel like if they reversed direction and tried to make an album more like AROBTTH for example it would just be a pile of shit because that album was genius and genuine and I don't think they could ever recapture the emotion of it.
  5. Looks like Netflix is out of the running for picking up Hannibal, Prime also apparently isn't interested and Hulu isn't looking so good. Very possible it may end for good after this season :\
  6. It's only 15 years old? Wow. In my not so :ninja: humble opinion, one of their best albums. Shame they never seem to have recaptured that original simple charm. I voted for Shiver - it's one of the first songs I heard from the album and when I listen to it it always makes me quite nostalgic. Good stuff. Although Everything's Not Lost is a close 2nd favorite for me.
  7. What a bummer that this got cancelled. I blame NBC; they just gave up on marketing the show. A ton of people that I was talking to didn't even know that the third season had started since they never advertised it. I sincerely hope that this gets picked up by Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. because it's a really solid show, and Bryan Fuller deserves another few seasons to tell his story. That being said, I think he might have shot himself in the foot with this season - up until now the show's been toeing the line between artsy and story-driven, and this season (at least these first few episodes) have been very artsy (to the point where even I was saying to the tv "come on Fuller, you're boring me").
  8. This is a lovely project. Newton, New Jersey (USA) It looks like northern NJ is a bit crowded, I also am going to college in Madison, WI (USA) if that's an easier location. The Scientist
  9. I'm absolutely in love. I had about zero expectations with this because I was so completely disappointed by The 2nd Law, and all I can say is wow! I've only listened through thrice, but some of the songs are so damn catchy without having that cheese factor that plagued The Resistance (and T2L). The only one that's a bit closer to cheese than quality is Revolt. That being said, I was completely blown away by The Globalist. HOLY SHIT. Some whistle thingy in the beginning that was reminiscent of the live KOC intro, to Helsinki Jam (STUDIO QUALITY HELSINKI JAM; HOW LONG HAVE WE WAITED FOR THIS?!), to some humming of Nimrod by Elgar from Enigma Variations? 10/10 Muse, way to completely restore my faith in you. I haven't listened to a single new album since about 2013 (I just got so damn tired of all the music I had been listening to, and everything new was so bleh) but I figured I'd give this one a try since I do still love Muse's old stuff, and I'm so happy I did. Did anyone else notice one song (I don't quite have the names down yet, sorry!) sounded very much like Thoughts of a Dying Atheist? I can't remember which one it was!
  10. I haven't listened to Coldplay in almost a year.
  11. I like the popular threads thingy on the side also some new themes that are less bright would really save my eyesight overall though I like the change
  12. Art/music is tough. I have more experience with music, but I'd imagine art is very similar. Keep in mind that you'd likely be living off of commissions. It's totally possible to do that, but it's unreliable and hard work. Very few people are fortunate enough to have their art hanging up at the MoMA, despite all of the talented artists in the world. I can't tell you what to do, and if you're really passionate about it, then go for it. But my suggestion would be to go to college for something that you could apply even to the art field (like something business-y), and take art classes while you're there. You can still paint even with a day job in an office. I don't know about art, but I know that in music, non-majors can still audition/participate in ensembles. Maybe check out what options are available to non-art majors, and make up your mind with that information?
  13. The fact that I made that thread and posted 20,167 times disturbs me, looking back. I don't understand what the problem is with the lounge games - if you don't like them, don't look at them. Nobody's forcing anyone to post anything there. And I know that when I first joined, playing lounge games helped for me to get used to the forum and open up to posting more 'quality' posts. I remember when the forum was more active, posting on the lounge games with friends was a lot of fun. And blessedly non-Coldplay related. As for separating the lounge games, they are already separated. That's why there's a subforum for them, separate from the lounge. The 'quality' threads are in the lounge, the rest are in the lounge games subforum.
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