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Brad Pitt... for mayor of New Orleans?


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Brad Pitt was on the Today show this morning speaking with Ann Curry about rebuilding New Orleans and showing the progress that has been made.


Ann Curry couldn't help but to bring up the fact that there is a grassroots efforts to get Brad Pitt elected for Mayor or New Orleans. Pitt said he doesn't have a chance to win their job of Mayor. He said “I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation on marijuana platform…I don’t have a chance.". During the interview Pitt never said that he wouldn't take the job. He believes he would not have a chance, but the people want Pitt for mayor. We will all have to just wait and see.


New Orleans may have one of the most handsome mayors if some residents get their way. The idea seemed to start off almost as a joke and has now really taken off. A focus group was started and has highlighted why Brad Pitt is qualified.




According to the website BradPittforMayor.org the top 5 reasons Pitt should be elected as Mayor of NOLA are


Reason #1 - He's Qualified


Reason #2 - NOLA ♥'s Brad Pitt


Reason #3 - Lagniappe (If we elect Brad Pitt mayor, Angelina Jolie would be the First Lady of New Orleans)


Reason #4 - Technology and Gastronomy


Reason #5 - Publicity



If you would like to support the Brad Pitt for mayor campaign, you can buy a shirt here on the official website. The group also has a Facebook page here with close to 4,000 fans.


While Brad Pitt will probably never be mayor the campaign does bring needed attention to the New Orleans area.


The idea of Brad Pitt for Mayor is probably a much more realistic goal than porn star Stormy Daniels running for senate in Louisiana. If Brad Pitt does win New Orleans will gain many female residents.



Great Platforms ;)

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