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Signature restrictions (as of 7th June 2010)


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Due to a few members in the Lounge abusing the signature feature with oversized images and text, we've further tightened the rules regarding use of signatures. Sorry it has come to this but a few in the minority have forced our hand. If you want to know who those members are who have ruined your existing signatures you can visit them in this thread.


The new permissions are now:


Maximum Value of x for BB Code = 2

Maximum Characters in Signature Including BB Code Markup = 1000

Maximum Characters in Signature Excluding BB Code Markup = 500

Signature Image Maximum Width (pixels) = 500

Signature Image Maximum Height (pixels) = 200

Signature Image Maximum Filesize (bytes) = 100000B (approx 97KB)

Maximum Number of Images in Signature = 1

Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature = No


These settings will be trialled and adjusted accordingly. Previous images hosted on other sites will have to be reuploaded to Coldplaying.com servers via your UserCP > Edit Signatures. Otherwise your signature will show the written link only.


Don't forget you can disable signatures altogether if you need pages to load as fast as possible. User CP > Edit Options > Thread Display Options > Unclick Signatures box


Once again we're sorry to have to impose these restrictions but it is to allow the board to run smoothly for everyone. The only other alternative would have been to disable signatures altogether, which for the remaining majority would have been a shame.



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