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Nagromathon running the marathon to here!


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Yes, that title was definitely put there to catch everyone's attention! :D Of course I have to say Mylo Xyloto is pushing the "attention seeking title" bit. 0__o But either way I'm excited- so excited my internet searches on MX brought me here....


My real name is Morgan- And I first heard Coldplay (with the exception of PBS using Clocks for many of their promos) back in '08 when watching an Itunes commercial and hearing Viva La Vida. I suddenly went, "WOW MOM WHO DOES THIS SONG?!". Of course she had no idea (thats my mother xD ) so I went to youtube, typed in New Itunes commercial, and after scrolling through a few pages of comments I found the artist- Coldplay.


It's amazing really, my life (music wise) changed in an instant. Coldplay is my favorite band. I discovered them when I was 11, so really I must say not too shabby to kick off my musical life. I have many bands I like but I've never listened to all of their material like Coldplay.


I await Paradise- days stretch slowly as I look for leaks when I get home from school. Yes, I'd download and listen to a leak in an instant, but after that I'd use my $10 worth of funds on Itunes to download a copy they get money for thats also better quality. Same with MX, I'll buy that too.


I'm somewhat disappointed there isn't a leak thread, but that is ok, I can understand not making one as respect towards the band (if thats why one isn't around). But either way- I'm happy to be on here, I may not make alot of posts but I have to say I did find something on youtube today. It's only about 10 seconds of "Paradise" (though i doubt its really part of it), but no matter what it may be I CANNOT WAIT for Paradise, nor MX.


Good days are to come. :D

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