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My ticket to Rotterdam on the 17th is not delivered by Worldticketshop


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Hey guys,


I am just so disappointed!!!!!


A couple of weeks ago I bought a ticket to Coldplay in Rotterdam, standing, with Worldticketshop. I paid quite an amount extra for fast delivery, I live in Stockholm so I really wanted my ticket before because I read about people didn't get their tickets. They informed me yesterday that unfortunately the seller can't deliver the ticket with mail. So they haven't really fulfilled their part of the agreement. So, I'm SO angry I really want to GO and I paid for it!!!!!


Anyone knows how to contact the Management team of Worldticketshop, they only have link to their Linkedin profiles on their website. It's CRAP! I was really looking forward to see Chris Martin!!:(:(


Anyone who can help me with this!!!



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drop me a PM with your details and I can put you in direct contact with their CEO. This goes for anyone else who have used this company with problems. I would be very interested to see how this pans out as they have been one of our affiliates in the past, but not at the moment and possibly not in the future...

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