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The Western Buddhist Review - A Journal for Buddhist Inquiry: Mysteries and Curing of Life


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Dear All,

Just want to share with you a wonderful website The Western Buddhist Review - A Journal for Buddhist Inquiry : http://www.westernbuddhistreview.com/ [older up to Volume 5] and a new one located at: http://www.thebuddhistcentre.com/westernbuddhistreview. You may surf freely for whatever captures your eyes, but here is one example of the topics it includes: http://www.westernbuddhistreview.com/vol5/index.html . It is so vast, interesting and natural, from daily problems/practices, towards scientific reasonings, thoughts and conclusions, or to intuition/psychology/mysthology fields, or simply for common life challenges/phases. Hopefully, you may find your "click" there.

I got this information from a Chinese version of twitter, called Sina Weibo, the poster is a Tibetan Buddhist Master, the link he provided is a translation website in Chinese. Then I found the original version and thought that would be wonderful for anyone who is interested in life miracles or currenly being in trouble asking for help etc. It is said that there have been more than 8000 scientists conducting professional research to contribute to this journal and it might open up a door to new possibilities~



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