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Chris with Psy

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Guest LiquidSky

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed that Korean rapper Psy blanked her husband Chris Martin at the Met Ball in New York because he didn't know who he was.


She said Coldplay frontman Chris had approached Psy and asked for a picture - but the Gangnam Style star did not recognise him.


The 40-year-old then explained to the rapper that their son is 'obsessed' with him and requested a picture.






Gwyneth apparently said: 'Our son is obsessed with Psy so we went up and Chris was like "Hello I'm from the band Coldplay." But Psy didn't seem to know who he was,' The Star reports.


She continued: 'So we said: '"We're sorry to bother you but can we have a picture for our children?" and he was happy to do it.'

The Iron Man 3 star said that he son Moses, seven, would be impressed with the snap and she said the couple later sent the snaps to him and their daughter Apple.

It seems that after the encounter Psy found out who the couple were and posted a snap of himself with the pair to his own Twitter page.


Psy, who has recently released his follow up to Gangham style entitled Gentleman, met a number of famous faces during the glamorous event in New York.


It seems that the Psy was thrilled to meet with Beyoncé and tweeted several snaps of himself with the hitmaker.


While Gwyneth was thrilled to meet with Psy she reportedly didn't enjoy herself at the ball.


Gwyneth who wore a fuchsia Valentino dress that had nothing to do with the night's punk theme, apparently branded the night 'boring'.


'I’m never going again,' USA Today quotes her saying. 'It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded. I did not enjoy it at all.'



Poor Chris lol

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