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British Rock Band Coldplay in Costa Rica Film Production


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British Rock Band Coldplay in Costa Rica Film Production



A still from Odyssey 2050


One of the most popular contemporary music bands in the world has agreed to contribute one of their videos to the film Odyssey 2050, an ambitious project being produced right here in Costa Rica. Odyssey 2050 aims to raise awareness among young generations about the effects of climate change.


The video in question is Viva La Vida, which is also the title track of Coldplay’s ultra-successful 2008 album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. The album, which was produced by Brian Eno, has a Latin American influence. The track Viva La Vida has biblical references; lead singer Chris Martin has explained that he thought about the subject of the afterlife and how it is observed by different religions when he wrote some of the lyrics.


Film producer Bruce Callow, who until recently worked with the British Embassy on social media communications, explained to La Nacion how Odyssey 2050 ended up with a Grammy Award-winning song that has been downloaded more than six million times around the world:


“We came to an agreement with Coldplay, and it consists of incorporating a special video of the song for the Spanish-language version of Odyssey 2050. Moreover, we will do the same for the English-language short version of the film. We hope that Coldplay’s participation will encourage more young people to protect our natural environment in creative ways.”


Artist Project Earth is the non-profit organization that brought Coldplay and Odyssey 2050 together. Callow also told La Nacion that the film and the special version of Viva La Vida will debut this September at the Ambiental Planet On Film Festival in Bogota, Colombia. Respected English anthropologist Dame Jane Goodall, DBE, is expected to attend.


The computer-animated adventure Odyssey 2050 is being produced in Costa Rica by Synchro Films. Important Tico figures such as Hall of Fame NASA astronaut Franklin Chang will have cameos in the film. More than just a film, Odyssey 2050 is an international multimedia projects that is being developed as an educational tool to spread the word about the importance of facing climate change with nature conservation efforts.



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Coldplay back climate change awareness campaign


UK Foreign Office-backed Odyssey 2050 animation aims to educate children of threats posed by global warming




Leading rock band Coldplay is backing a new campaign aimed at raising climate change awareness among children.


The group, fronted by Chris Martin, has agreed to allow the producers of the ‘Odyssey 2050’ cartoon to use a new version of the song ‘Viva la Vida’ for their film.


The animation tells a story of time-travellers from 2050 who see the effects of climate change and decide to return to 2012 and warn the earth’s inhabitants about their impending fate.


Targeted at school children, the project is also backed by the British Foreign Office and Franklin Chang Diaz, a NASA Astronaut who flew eight space shuttle missions.


“Global change and climatic change is a fact, and its impact is affecting us as we speak,” Diaz says in a trailer for the film.


“The damage has been caused by human activity, and it is important to know that it is our responsibility to act now.”



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