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Why I want Mylo Xyloto 2 (The song not the album)


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As I was on my way home from school I hit the play button on my ipod and a familiar song came on, Mylo Xyloto. While I was listening to it I started thinking and decided to write this post to see who agrees with me. With whatever grief Mylo Xyloto the album gets, I believe this song is amazing. You may ask me, "why? its not even a real song". Its not the song itself but what it does to the album that gets me excited. When I listened to the album for the first time, I did not listen to any of the leaks, so everything was brand new. I layed in my dark room on my bed, put my headphones on, and pressed play. I was already excited for the album as I had been eagerly waiting for it to come out. I originally thought MX would be a full length song and was sort of surprised by what I heard. It built the anticipation for the album like nothing I have ever heard before. The way it builds and yet doesn't go anywhere really builds the hype for not only HLH but the whole album. The same could be said with how Politik added hype to ROBTTH. This had an even bigger effect at the concert when I was waiting for Coldplay to get on. Im writing about this now because I think one thing that GS didn't have was a Mylo Xyloto. It never had a song that got me excited to listen to the album. Now I have to admit that a MX type intro would not have worked for GS given the laid back feel of the album, but it left something missing from the album in my opinion. Now that we are all eagerly anticipating lp7, many of you have said it will most likely be in the style of MX. Whether it is or not, I don't really care. In fact what I always have loved about Coldplay is how they seem to change what their music is in every album. I personally would love a ROBTTH style album with Mylo Xyloto elements like this added to it. But no matter what happens I hope Coldplay has more songs like Mylo Xyloto. Who else feels the way I do?

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