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Top 11 Best Songs of All Time

Zero Theory

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Forgive me if this type of thing has already been a thread.

But how about everyone list their top 11 favorite Coldplay songs, and an overall top 11 best/favorite songs you've ever heard+one line why you chose each song.


I tried to limit to only 2 Coldplay songs in my top 11 lol


I'll Begin-


1.Coldplay- Clocks

-My all time favorite song, the piano riff is just mesmerizing

2. Coldplay- Fix You

-Most emotional song I've ever heard

3. Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven

-Very sad song that makes me think of my dad who loves Clapton

4. The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

Lyrics and vibe is incredible, the song is otherworldly

5. John Lennon- Imagine

Take whatever your politics are out of this, it is an awesome song to listen to and contemplate the lyrics

6. R.E.M.- Losing My Religion

Very creative song, nostalgiac, lyrics are super unique

7. The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

One of the best riffs I've heard, lyrics are great

8. U2- Beautiful Day

An exceptional song, the SB halftime show made me love this song

9. Pearl Jam- Just Breathe

Acoustic riff is awesome

10. Queen- Bohemian Rhapsody

Maybe the greatest masterpiece of rock

11. Kanye West-Runaway

Essentially Kanye's Bohemian Rhapsody or Magnus Opus, incredible song



1. Clocks

2. Fix You

3. Viva La Vida

Not much needs to be said about why this is here, especially after seeing it live

4. Politik

Most underrated song by them, the piano progression in the middle is unbelievable

5. The Scientist

An all time classic

6. Swallowed in the Sea

The live version from the X&Y era is just incredible, especially the piano at the end

7. Strawberry Swing

Fairly polarizing song by them, Jonny's best work arguably, has a vibe like no other song

8. Warning Sign

Beautiful yet depressing

9. Yellow

A classic, had to be on here somewhere

10. Square One

Their best piece of rock by them, incredible intro to an album, the piano/guitar/bass/synths/everything is awesome

11. Daylight

Another super underrated song, very unique

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