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  1. You right, this might be a new version of Ode to Deodorant for LP9 i can tell 🤔
  2. I hope so. I hope there’s something official 5/11/20 (November 5th) this could mean something right ?
  3. Well it’s been 3 days here since the full moon and it’s November 1st so is there any official news about LP9 just yet
  4. Yeah that makes sense. In trouble in town the date is switched 5/11/2020 = 11/5/2020 No that’s not monsters you made it was already been a music video by Burna Boy because Chris Martin was wearing a hat. I think this is MOTS single and music video that is going to be released sometime in November 5th, 2020
  5. Who’s cat and is this a new song of MOTS that it is a rap rock like Lost+
  6. Is this real or was it from champion of the world bts
  7. That must be from the store website not the album
  8. What does this mean exactly 🤔 can it be the new content of MOTS or something
  9. Wow that album design cover looks similar to Kid A by Radiohead and this could be the same era from X&Y and AROBTTH
  10. Hey guys I had a dream, what if Coldplay would collaborate 2 singers Chad Kroeger and Dua Lipa it would be a perfect fit for his LP9 of MOTS when it comes to announced on IHeartRadio.
  11. Well maybe someday it will a new music video and drop a new single in IHeartRadio Festival 2020 😉
  12. This could be fit for the LP9 that it is gonna be back to X&Y era, this could mean something for Music of the Spheres I can’t believe it 😮
  13. Wow that’s great idea that could be the perfect era for LP9 ever, a reworked version of X&Y album and even going back to X&Y era which they will announced 2 weeks later on IHeartRadio Festival 2020 maybe a new single coming up soon. 😁🪐
  14. Yeah exactly thank you guys but I just can wait for Parachutes 20th anniversary and we haven’t seen any post this week yet
  15. No I don’t believe it and I don’t believe you too because the LP9 will be space rock wheather you believe me or not because it doesn’t matter, we don’t need to fight this anymore, you just don’t know when the LP9 sounds like but I’ll bet it will follow with the next album, Space Rock, so just admit that
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