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  1. Yeah I think so, I think it would be a great hint if they confirmed it for next couple of weeks or next month but I’m thinking that if they would do the remix of Higher Power it would be BTS
  2. Like Talk music video from X&Y when they staring at the robot
  3. Higher Power would be White Shadows 2 hopefully a little clip until the full song next week 😉
  4. Another one, what does it say or is it still the same 🤔
  5. Higher power is a new track that is coming in May 7th you know and of course they’re gonna redesigned the website like 2 years ago on EL era
  6. Finally, we can’t wait for the official first single Higher Power by Coldplay hopefully ft Dua Lipa and hopefully it’ll sound back to X&Y music and for that symbol language this is a new era of X&Y 1.0
  7. Can anyone tell me what is “Bless” ? Is it real or a rumor
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