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  1. Hey guys I had a dream, what if Coldplay would collaborate 2 singers Chad Kroeger and Dua Lipa it would be a perfect fit for his LP9 of MOTS when it comes to announced on IHeartRadio.
  2. Well maybe someday it will a new music video and drop a new single in IHeartRadio Festival 2020 😉
  3. This could be fit for the LP9 that it is gonna be back to X&Y era, this could mean something for Music of the Spheres I can’t believe it 😮
  4. Wow that’s great idea that could be the perfect era for LP9 ever, a reworked version of X&Y album and even going back to X&Y era which they will announced 2 weeks later on IHeartRadio Festival 2020 maybe a new single coming up soon. 😁🪐
  5. Yeah exactly thank you guys but I just can wait for Parachutes 20th anniversary and we haven’t seen any post this week yet
  6. No I don’t believe it and I don’t believe you too because the LP9 will be space rock wheather you believe me or not because it doesn’t matter, we don’t need to fight this anymore, you just don’t know when the LP9 sounds like but I’ll bet it will follow with the next album, Space Rock, so just admit that
  7. No you don’t understand, our old Coldplay fans know that the space rock, old rock and hard rock is coming back this year on LP9 and the next album is gonna be like X&Y but AROBTTH style believe me come on
  8. Nope, Space rock with inspirations of X&Y and synthesizer too, just like that, No pop this year, it’s going back
  9. Believe me I’ll bet that it will be space rock album and post britpop/hard rock too you will see on July 10th the rock will return again so like it or not that it will follow up to space rock connecting to X&Y, you will see how it confirms it.
  10. Uh Music of the Spheres is going to be space rock/post britpop/and hard rock album theme inspirations of X&Y and A Rush of Blood to the Head and it will going back to rock just like last year on EL, you just don’t know yet but it will be true by the time it comes in 4 months away
  11. I don’t think so you might be wrong, I’m gonna add this if LP9 happens to be spacey, old rock, and great hard rock, just like old roots of EL it will be X&Y and AROBTTH style when the time is right on July 10th
  12. Those three little circles that are planets and that is a specific of MOTS
  13. I knew it I knew it would be AROBTTH era on Music of the Spheres that’s gonna be the new era
  14. What do you mean a new era begins, we don’t know what the new era is ?
  15. No it’s not a reverse you just don’t know yet but I’ll bet that after Parachutes 20th anniversary, they will change it back to EL theme because the next album is not here yet, and I’ll bet that Music of the Spheres will be space rock/post-Britpop/hard rock theme album follow up to X&Y and AROBTTH era and a bit of VLV and EL. And hard rock for their first time it’ll be sound just like Nickelback and Shinedown. But we don’t know just yet maybe after the 20th anniversary and maybe they’ll have a teaser trailer similar of Everyday Life.
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