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  1. Or I think we wanted Dua Lipa collab to happen as well because LP9 would be so massive, hot, and very epic I hope Coldplay would consider it too
  2. I guess they probably going to have VLV music back again like Everyday Life, this could be the album 😳
  3. No there not, Coldplay will release Music of the Spheres this summer sometime in June or July before Rock in Rio 2021 tour, we’ll just wait and see what happens next, they still recording the album right now
  4. Imagine this, Coldplay - Music of the Spheres ft. Dua Lipa 🚀🔥
  5. Wow that’s perfect, MOTS is coming finally maybe it’ll eventually arrived in spring or summer 2021 with the new music like X&Y and Everyday Life but the question is, who do you think it will be featured on MOTS Dua Lipa or some other artists ? 🤔🚀🛸
  6. Yes, how do you know that it would have a teaser in December 21st ?
  7. You right, this might be a new version of Ode to Deodorant for LP9 i can tell 🤔
  8. I hope so. I hope there’s something official 5/11/20 (November 5th) this could mean something right ?
  9. Well it’s been 3 days here since the full moon and it’s November 1st so is there any official news about LP9 just yet
  10. Yeah that makes sense. In trouble in town the date is switched 5/11/2020 = 11/5/2020 No that’s not monsters you made it was already been a music video by Burna Boy because Chris Martin was wearing a hat. I think this is MOTS single and music video that is going to be released sometime in November 5th, 2020
  11. Who’s cat and is this a new song of MOTS that it is a rap rock like Lost+
  12. Is this real or was it from champion of the world bts
  13. That must be from the store website not the album
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