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Your Coldplay Album Rankings/Ratings


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I searched the site but couldn't find a thread like this, at least not recent. I liked 42JTRs idea which is very specific. Curious what people think and if things have changed over time. 

5 being the average album you'd pick up from a random artist and 10 being an album perfect in every way. I'll start.

I've abandoned pretense in my life and that includes with my favorite band. No more Parachutes has to be this high, critics didn't like X&Y's lyrics, etc. So I listened to all nine albums today, even the songs I don't care for.


Vva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (9.7)

  A Rush of Blood to the Head (9.6)

  Everyday Life (9.4)

  X&Y (9.2)

  Mylo Xyloto (8.9)

  Ghost Stories (8.7)

  Parachutes (8.3)

 Music of the Spheres (8.1)

A Head Full of Dreams (7.3)



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