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  1. People saying Chris looks old, haggard, couldn't manage a tour... Bob Dylan has looked like an extra from Nightmare on Elm Street for over a decade now, hasn't stopped him bringing his genius to all four corners of the globe. And Chris looks fine for a guy in his 40s. He looks like...a guy in his 40s. He's not Mr Burns just because he doesn't look like he did in The Scientist video anymore.
  2. 1. LP9 2. LP10 3. Viva 4. A Rush of Blood 5. LP11 6. Mylo Xyloto 7. Parachutes 8. Everyday Life 9. LP12 10. Ghost Stories 11. X&Y 12. A Head Full of Dreams 13. LP13 Man, LP9 really was something.
  3. Does anyone have a translation of that Dutch review?
  4. This is the one that has me hyped. Ominous title, explicit lyrics, on the seemingly experimental sound of the record, worthy of a pre-album preview... Watch it end up being an interlude.
  5. Ten years in the making...I think we're gonna get a lot of stuff that was too different or political to go on other post-Mylo albums.
  6. Eno-Coldplay from 2007-2012 was better than Oldplay already, for me. And these singles are right back into those art-pop vibes.
  7. Nailed it. From Yes to Major Minus to Arabesque, Eno-Coldplay is the most inventive Coldplay.
  8. It's an attempt to give a party to all the children who will never be able to live that life. It fits perfectly, just in a really heart-breaking way.
  9. The lyrics to this are beautiful. The most poetic and heart-breaking Chris has wrote for some time. The hip-hop beat is perfect. The bass is infectious. The chorus is massive. It might just be a political pop ditty, but it's the real deal on all fronts. As we say here in the north - tune.
  10. So, what station are the boys on this evening?
  11. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE COMPARE THE SONGS TO PREVIOUS TRACKS OR ERAS. (sorry, I just wanna know vaguely what to expect)
  12. What album does it most sound likeeeeeeeeee
  13. Details, man, details! What song does it sound like? Is it organic? How's the chorus? Satisfy me, Daddy!
  14. Daddy better be a Lana Del Rey collaboration about a 1950s gold-digger who is only fucking Chris to get closer to Guy's car collection. I will accept no substitute.
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