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  1. Fascinating stuff. None of thess make me feel strongly one way or the other. I feel like Human Heart is clearer and I like it better. I like the early electric guitar better and the ending guitar less in People of the Pride. A wash. Coloratura is fascinating in how different it is. I prefer the piano and the vocals for the ending much better. I cam actuslly hear the guitar at the end and I feel Jonny's solo is better on the studio version, it sounds like they turned the volume up on it. Several of the song's stylistic transitions are less jarring. The album production mak
  2. Starting this topic because I didnt see anything about the album itself, besides when it first released. Most people on the forum talk about EL as the best of Coldplay's more recent records but still lesser than the first four and I disagree. In terms of experimentation, you have the gorgeous classical piece Sunrise, the Floydian political protest Trouble in Town, the tour-de-force of horns on Arabesque and whatever When I Need a Friend is. Acapella chamber music maybe? Ive heard little like it but it's incredible either way. The experimentation isnt as obvious as Viva a
  3. This hits on a lot of my criticism of X&Y as well. Obviously, Jonny's guitar playing was amazing on that album. But the lyrics, I mean...What If and Swallowed in the Sea have to be two of their worst in that regard. SitS is painful. I agree with an earlier comment that said the music is not mixed very well. I would enjoy songs like White Shadows and Fix You much more if there was greater instrument separation like on VlV. When the songs go big it's synth/piano, guitar and drums all coming down at once. X&Y feels very bloated and I'm sure it's the reason they created the
  4. Having this overwhelming realization that my love for someone is unrequited and Fun is hitting me. I mean in terms of the most lyrically insightful, least cliche Coldplay ballads -The Scientist -Warning Sign -Us Against the World -Everglow -Amazing Day There are definitely a couple but I never hear people talk about the verse lyrics to Fun, maybe because of how somewhat generic the chorus is- "I know the falls that the water face" "'I know it's over' Icarus says to the Sun" Some special insights here. Chris has his moments.
  5. Fun is a classic but you're right. I don't remember it at all. I wonder if it's because they didn't have Tove Lo there to sing.
  6. They neeeed to play it One of the best new songs. I swear they played pretty much every song from AHFoD when I saw them twice during that tour. Not XMtS and that's fine
  7. He may be but he's still a member of Maroon 5. They must believe he contributes something to their music. I think it's easy to fall into the trap of blaming Stargate or Max Martin for the way Jonny's guitars were mixed on AHFoD and MotS, respectively. But I notice it more on GS than any of the others and that's the one the guys' themselves had by far the most influence on the production of a Coldplay album. You can say they were new to the process but the question remains- why is Jonny's guitar so quiet on songs like Another's Arms, Always in My Head and Ink, if that's not what the
  8. Someone else mentioned it but guitars in pop music are fleeting. Just look at bands like OneRepublic and Maroon 5 who became popular right after Coldplay and shared similar influences. How much do you hear guitar in their music today? You don't and that's part of the reason they're so uninteresting nowadays (to me). It's so unfortunate because of how talented he is. I'm really wondering how special a solo album by him could be but he seems too humble and shy to do something like that. I mean, Guy had a side project in Apparatjik.
  9. I'll post this here, since it's specifically about Coloratura. A thought occured to me, which led me to listen to Ghost Stories front to back for the first time in a year or so and my conclusion is bold but also correct (for me) I would take Jonny's guitar on this one song, not just what he's playing but also how it is mixed and how loud it is relative to everything else, over everything he plays on Ghost Stories, taken as a whole. Which is incredible to me because, as great as he is on it, the stand out features on the song are really Chris' piano playing, the lyrics and the
  10. I'm not going to edit what I said in the first post, specifically. I'll just add here: His guitar on ASFoS is definitely there on the chorus but I don't find it all that interesting. Another's Arms might be the most frustrating song for me personally, in this sense. It's clear hes playing something very interesting in the second half of the song but it's barely audible for me because of the production. On Everglow he has a short solo near the end but I also feel like I can't hear it well between Chris' singing and other parts of the song. Then you have Princess of China, wh
  11. I like a lot of the research you did here. That said- Whatever him contributing to a major part of the song is, seems subjective. I love his guitar parts on Clocks, mainly the last 1.5 minutes. Chris even talks about how important they are to the song in one of the Coldplay books I read. They're a big part of why it was my favorite song of all time for many years. Whether you consider it as prominent as his guitars in Everglow or Another's Arms or ASFoS I guess is up to you? But I'd take it over those first two any day of the week. Especially since we know just how much MORE
  12. Agreed. Biutyfu has grown on me a lot, with the vocals sounding less harsh in my car I can understand more of the verse lyrics and I really like them. On some songs (Magic, ASFoS, HftW, MU) the lyrics are very simple (and uninteresting) and meant to appeal to the base of the pop sensibilities of the masses. But I don't ever feel like they're done particularly well. But this is different. I really like how they deliver this part- When you love me, love me, love me When you love me, love me, love me I know I'll be on top of the world, man On top of the world
  13. I don't understand anyone who says this album isn't thematic or cohesive, as you said. I know a lot of people don't *like* the album but I don't know how it affects their opinion on this matter, specifically.
  14. Clarification- apparently the Infinity Sign version I have does have the Oles in it and my tablet's speaker is just that bad that I'm not hearing it? Apologies to anyone who got excited at the thought of the song not having it. I dont have hearing problems, either. I don't understand. Will add what I told the two posters who PMed me- Apologies for making anyone think there was a different version of the song. I'll make sure to listen on a device that has better speakers before I make extraordinary claims. 😕
  15. Apparently there is haha Just send me a PM so don't I forget. About to start work 🙂
  16. Such a huge difference listening to the actual CD in my car vs the leak on my tablet. 2008 car vs 2016 cheap model tablet for speaker comparison Humankind- Having a harder time hearing the guitars, for sure. Don't like that. Let Somebody Go- Selena's voice sounds less intense or just better mixed in general. I also notice the bass throughout the song, rather than just near the end. Biuytiful- Still do not know how to spell this damn song. Same thing with LSG, except even more noticeable. The filter Chris uses is not nearly as annoying on the chorus and at the end. Also, I
  17. That's pretty interesting, I haven't heard. Guessing Higher Power would be one. I remember thinking the same on a couple of songs on MX even. Maybe.
  18. Where you say "The mix forgets Jonny" is interesting to me. Because it's not like GS where the guitar in songs like AiMH and Another's Arms is quieter than it should be, or on AHFoD where in Everglow it's just taken out for the most part, on Up&Up where the second single is overtracked by the vocals and everything else, or in Amazing Day where it's just very poorly mixed and sounds distorted. I don't feel like the mixing is the problem, more that he just doesn't play that much on MotS period.
  19. You say near-universal backlash but Metacritic Music of the Spheres- 57 AHFoD- 60 Ghost Stories- 61 Now it's still the worst rated but I am betting there are more reviews that will change that score up or down. And it's really not the lowest by that much. They didn't seem concerned by the scores for those other two albums.
  20. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (9.7) A Rush of Blood to the Head (9.5) Parachutes (9.2) Mylo Xyloto (9.1) Everyday Life (9.0) Music of the Spheres (8.5) X&Y (8.3) A Head Full of Dreams (7.2) Ghost Stories (6.0) And I do think that's where MotS will be. Can't see it higher than 8.7 or lower than 8.3. AHFoD would probably be a 7.7 or 7.8 if the production on songs like Up&Up and Amazing Day were reasonable. Overall, not a perfect album and I do wish there were more guitars but pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Love the Jon Hopkins infl
  21. It was very intimdating. Often I like albums more later on than when they originally release and this was the case with MX but I swear. I remember people losing it over the opening lyrics to ETiaW. Little did they know GS and AHFoD were right around the corner to show them how low lyrics could really go.
  22. It's definitely most similar to Parachutes and ARoBttH in its lyrical focus on relationships. I just listen to that album and think any other artist on the radio could have made it. Midnight and O aside, there's nothing for me. But I also really like MX, as I said, and people on this forum acted like it was the end of the world when that came out so to each their own.
  23. I find a lot of what you think about the band interesting. What do you like about GS? Just curious.
  24. I sense an overwhelming sense of judgment and superiority in your post, even though I don't think that's what you were going for. If you don't like electronica then you don't, that's fine. But you don't have to call it a "song" like it isn't actually music. It's not "just synth", as if it doesnt take any talent to play that just because it's not a piano. I love that little "ting ting ting." It actually reminds me a lot of the song for Star City in Diddy Kong Racing. The guitar parts are melodic and well mixed with everything else. Not dissonant or overpowering, not underused either. It's
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