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  1. I just want to thank Coldplay for putting this album out. They had to know it wouldn't be a chart-topper, very few songs on here are typical pop fare that they've kind of become known for. I know Everyday Life still charted #1 in the UK but it was only #7 here in the US, their lowest showing since Parachutes and I wouldn't be surprised if it's their first album not to go Platinum here. There's so much beauty in the restraint, relying on acoustic guitars and pianos instead of bombastic choruses and synthesized drum beats. I cherish this Coldplay and I hope with everything I have that we'll se
  2. I just picked up my copy today. I feel bad because people here are trying to do the right thing- give Coldplay as much of the pie as possible. But between the shipping costs and all the delays I thought I was better served picking it up at a store.
  3. This album gave me what I had wanted from Ghost Stories. By that, I mean it's stripped down but not stripped of their talent.
  4. I love Jonny's riffs and the lyrics in particular. A standout track, for sure.
  5. They ALWAYS do this. They leave the best songs off the albums! -MX (Moving to Mars, Christmas Lights) -GS (Ghost Story, All Your Friends) -AHFoD (All I Can Think About is You, ALIENS) Flags is way better than Orphans. Man, I swear.
  6. Old Friends and Champion of the World have been growing on me
  7. Does anyone know why there's a clip of kids chanting/singing at the end of Trouble in Town? I won't be bothered by it if there's a reason for it. With Coldplay, there usually is but I'm curious. Agree about the guitar. I wish it was a hair louder. I can hear it well enough when it matters but louder would be appreciated.
  8. I just looked and you're right, Thanks for the correction!
  9. This is the first album not to have four songs that start with the same letter.
  10. I see the criticism of the album not being cohesive and I partially agree. But this is far from the first time. Where do UFO, Us Against the World and Up with the Birds fit vs Paradise and Princess of China on MX? Even on X&Y...with two of my favorite songs A Message and 'Til Kingdom Come, where do they fit on an album of space/synth rock? I also see the criticism of some songs being too Chris-focused but I've also seen that in the past. I'd much rather a touching acoustic-only or piano-only track with Chris' vocals than an explosion of fifteen bombastic instruments at once like the cho
  11. Rik Simpson also worked on Viva alongside Brian Eno, so you know. I'm sure I Ran Away was referring to Stargate producing Church
  12. Sunrise- 9.5 Church- 9.0 Trouble in Town- 9.5 BrokEn- 7.0 Daddy- 10 WOTW/POTP- NA (Can't understand the lyrics) Arabesque- 10 When I Need a Friend- 8.5 Guns- 9.5 Orphans- 6.5 Eko- 10 Cry Cry Cry- 7.5 Old Friends- 9.0 Bani Adam- 8.5 Champion of the World- 9.0 Everyday Life 8.0 I definitely prefer the first half Albums VlVoDaAHF (98) ARoBttH (96) Parachutes (93) Mylo Xyloto (91) Everyday Life (88-90) X&Y (83) A Head Full of Dreams (73) Ghost Stories (61)
  13. That last part is my only complaint. This album definitely could've used more Jonny. That's not even him playing guitar on Arabesque. Not sure if people knew that.
  14. I disagree with this. It goes a long way to underscore the point they're trying to make with the song and it's visceral. As I said before, with the memo (and political nature of the song) plus Jonny's guitar, it reminds me of a short Pink Floyd song.
  15. I think the bittersweet ending is definitely more appropriate hearing some religious lyrics (correlating with the hallelujah repeats), very dark moments and a theme of gratefulness.
  16. Thinking top five in album order is -Sunrise -Trouble in Town -Daddy -Arabesque -Eko Definitely not the only good songs but they are my favorites thus far. :)
  17. Trouble in Town gives me this Pink Floyd vibe, especially Jonny's guitar at the end.
  18. I'll defend Church. I love that the second half revolves around Jonny's little riff and those female vocals like AoAL. The one thing I would change is the snaps. But even those aren't abnoxious like on Miracles. Otherwise it would be one of the best songs on AHFoD
  19. One of the things I love about Arabesque is how the acoustic guitar is the base of the song and there's layering on top of it. Coldplay pretty much abandoned that style on AHFoD but you can hear it on classics like Cemeteries of London, Strawberry Swing, Hurts Like Heaven and Charlie Brown. :)
  20. Sparks is my favorite song from Parachutes and in my top 10 Coldplay songs. I'm glad they chose it but I'm also not surprised. Guy and Will did an interview a few years back (2017?) where they were asked their favorite album and their favorite song. One chose VlVoDaAHF and a song from ARoBttH and the other chose the reverse, ARoBttH and a song from VlVoDaAHF. I think most of the band (except maybe Chris) know their old music was incredible. I'm guessing it's part of why Arabesque is still around (being from Viva).
  21. I agree about Ghost Stories. It comes off as if they had no time to make the songs better and they just threw together something hurriedly. I like the lyrics of Everyday Life. It's not going to floor you but it's pretty emotional, to say the least. Yes, the music is better than the lyrics on this track but hey, there are definitely Coldplay songs like that. It's probably the weakest lyrically of the three and a piece of songs we've heard. I think the violins add weight to it, though.
  22. That's one of the worst things they can do! That said, it's not bad overall, I'll agree. But I don't need that in my life. Definitely prefer the mix of Arabesque.
  23. I feel like of course, the one album (thus far, since MX) that I'd want to hear live is the won't they don't plan on touring for. It also makes me think that they are definitely working on another album, otherwise they would be more likely to support Everyday Life with a tour. I was adamant about Timbaland not working on this album but I'm not so sure about the next one. On his twitter he mentions working with music he hasn't before and learning a lot. He also mentions recording in Malibu. Take that as you will.
  24. In the code of the Coldplay website it said Daddy, Orphans or Everyday Life which we presumed to mean they were unsure of which to release as the first single.
  25. You have to keep in mind, though, someone said that they recorded these songs in just a couple sessions. If that's true, it would make sense why a lot of the songs are relatively short. I would've preferred interludes and longer songs like MX does but on the other hand, I love U.F.O. and Don't Panic. Both classics, for sure. According to Wikipedia, these track times add up to 52:51. I'm not surprised that Daddy is a full song. Remember they had considered it as the first single?
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