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  1. Anthony Fantano is my favorite music critic. Genuinely shocked to hear he has something good to say about Coldplay. 🤯 I remember him criticizing EL for not being political enough and I'm like we're lucky we got as many songs that were as we did, guy. This isn't like Rage Against the Machine.
  2. Hi, man. Also, as interesting as the separate parts are, Jonny's *verse riff comes off as heavily copying Nile Rogers' guitar on Get Lucky. As a big Daft Punk fan this immediately stood out to me. And those vocals at the end kill it for me. Can't stand when Chris does that. Lyrics could definitely be better. Lastly, I think I'm still reeling from how rock it sounded in the teaser and then it was anything but. Higher Power set realistic expectations for me. Ultimately, I like the song but I'll take Higher Power any day. The second verse lyrics on HP beat anything on AOAL for sure.
  3. This bassline is definitely a grower. In addition to what you said I would just like to add two things. The first is the guys would never use pills. I know Chris was drinking a lot before Parachutes and kicked Will out of the band but they don't use drugs. They're more Radiohead and less Oasis if you will. Not like a typical rock band at all. As for the religion part, I know Chris has stated he believes in a mixture of things. Parts Christianity, parts Islam, parts Buddhism too. In the UK, the % of the population who consider themselves conventionally Christian is like 15-20%, m
  4. Love Noel's new stuff, especially Blue Moon Rising. His guitar part on Up&Up was excellent.
  5. Do you mean fans posting here or musis critics? If the latter, I'd be curious to know who because clearly they never listened to Magic. That was SHOCKINGLY bad to me. If you had told me during the Viva era that they would come out with a song I'd hate so much I never would have believed you. Never. That's not even Coldplay to me. That's a really bad R&B impression by some British bloke on the radio.
  6. Niall Horan (I'd say Thom Yorke but I dont think he would ever) Big fan of Heartbreak Weather, my album of the year last year. Would love to hear some of his Fleetwood-Mac-loving influence on a Coldplay song. Maybe a second bassline along with Guy since he does those amazingly well. His lead guitar playing is already so much like Jonny's I don't know how much he could add there. Fireproof might as well be a Coldplay song with that shiny riff.
  7. I can agree to an extent. I think Blinding Lights has helped reinvigorate that 80s sound, charts wise. I think it's important to remember that this has usually been the case with Coldplay, though. I always hear Oldplayers say how Coldplay used to be so much better but I think people forget that Parachutes and ARoBttH was a very mainstream sound in the early 00s. Absolution by Muse and Hopes and Fears by Keane were popular in the post-Radiohead OK Computer wave and there was a lot of alt-rock on the radio. I'm not saying Coldplay isn't original (I love the first two albums) but we're all
  8. Yeah, I always wonder about this. I think there was only like 50K waiting to hear the song that I saw. Which seems awfully low for Coldplay. As a comparison, when I was waiting for Choker by Twenty One Pilots to come out last week, there were 125K people waiting to listen. Not sure how accurate YouTube metrics are, though. On the one hand, I want them to succeed the best they can (as long as it's not something like Magic). But personally, I'd rather have something I really enjoy and have it be a moderate success. I don't need them to be Adele-level breaking records. I just want them to b
  9. I just did the rank every Coldplay album song thread (would recommend) and I'd say ~8.5 out of 10. I like Jonny's riff peeking out near the end. I also like that the end of the chorus lyrics don't rhyme. I think about something like Swallowed in the Sea and I'm glad Chris doesn't force it anymore. Ever since GS, every time I hear a Coldplay song and it doesn't have those garbage Adam Lavine wannabe vocal acrobatics (like at the end of Adventure of a Lifetime) I'm happy. I was afraid this would be super pop and cringy but it's not and I definitely like the 80s-style keyboards. Just a reminder o
  10. htps://www.facebook.com/coldplay/videos/1113459642508675 Just saw this. Looks like 7 pm Eastern. Maybe Higher Power comes out then? Yeah...12 am UK. Thinking it's gotta be. Can confirm. Just saw Coldplay YouTube channel has Higher Power set to premiere at 7 Eastern. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXgf5smLEgQ
  11. I think this way of rating makes GS feel too high, relatively speaking. And that's saying a lot, as it's last. Still too high. Everything else is spot on. I love the concept album feel of MX. Viva is my favorite and ARoBttH used to be. Everyday Life was much needed after GS and AHFoD. 1. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (9.15) 2. A Rush of Blood to the Head (8.95) 3. Parachutes (8.77) 4. Mylo Xyloto (8.50) 5. Everyday Life (8.28) 6. X&Y (8.08) 7. A Head Full of Dreams (6.95) 8. Ghost Stories (6.72) All-time top scored album songs a.k.a. dream se
  12. I usually agree with you. This time I'm mixed. The music is definitely generic 80s but that Will beat is growing on me and I'll take generic 80s over the sound of any other decade. I love 80s music. I actually think the lyrics are somwhat unique. Saying you're lucky to be alive at the same time as someone else isn't a sentiment often expressed in pop music. That's too deep. Usually they just say they're lucky to be with the person. I like the higher power lyric. Rather than being sappy and cliche by saying they have magic (and I hate Magic) they're almost saying the person is God-like whi
  13. Just noticed the end of your post Lenny. This is a good point, though. Blinding Lights and Last Friday Night definitely do have that 80's sound to them, a big part of the reason I love the former. Don't know much about Taylor Swift's album personally. I'll add that the lesser known Save Your Tears and In Your Eyes from After Hours have that same 80s sound.
  14. Yeah, I'm very curious about the producer after they worked with Stargate on A Head Full of Dreams. Max Martin is known for working with Brittney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift on several #1 hit singles that I happen to despise. His most recent stuff has been with Ed Sheeran and The Weeknd (Blinding Lights, of course) and the songs in question I like a lot. So I don't know what to expect at all. I genuinely wonder if Coldplay is working with a pop producer again because they like pushing themselves and the producers to do things they haven't before (like with
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