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  1. I dont know what can be said that hasn't already been but For starters, this is the first time in a long time that I've cried hearing a song on first listen. It's just like. All of the frustration of knowing people know Coldplay for terrible songs like Magic, Hymn for the Weekend and to a lesser extent but still true Paradise and Something Just Like This. It might sound strange but this is like the ultimate reckoning for all of that generic pop music they've put out in recent years. Like many people have said, the first two things that came to mind were Pink Floyd and M
  2. Honestly, when we first heard the "live" version I thought it sounded like it was mixed, like a studio version but also I'm not a production expert. Would be interesting if that's what we've actually been hearing.
  3. I'm not trying to challenge you, especially since I know you're both very smart and well-respected around here but I'm trying to understand how *I* would receive a Fortnite postcard. I've never once played the game. Not even on someone else's account just to try it. Not on my Switch or Series X, I don't game on mobile or PC at all. I've bought games in general from Amazon and eBay but I've never played an MMO either, I don't play anything free to play and I don't even play multiplayer games outside of Kart and Smash, so I don't see how I could be a target demographic. This is all ver
  4. I got a postcard today with the top image on it, specifically the numbers in the exact same order along with the arrows but just the n shaped design on the bottom. There are also two spheres, one fully green and the other with longitudinal lines from top to bottom. It says "They're coming" at the top and at the bottom is the number 310,582. I just got my Higher Power CD about a week ago.
  5. I'm praying Human Heart is on the album and it sounds like what we heard. Initially I was like "why aren't there any instruments?" but I do really love it. Could be their best female collaboration and I really like what they did with Kat Power.
  6. I'm hoping for a new song! But at the same time I dont know if I'll be able to listen to it because I'm betting the live version will be drastically different from whatever the studio version is. I swear.
  7. One of a-ha's band members worked with Guy in Apparatjik. The synth player I think. Would love Death Cab.
  8. I wonder about this question of how much we value Jonny's guitar in Coldplay's music. I say this because I notice that a lot of fellow fans here like me don't care much for AHFOD and like EL a good amount. But realistically it's like this: You won't find anything as complex or lengthy guitar-wise on EL as Up&Up. Or maybe on any Coldplay album ever. The opening/bridge riff on AOAL is another example. That's not to say there aren't great Jonny guitar parts on EL like Church and Trouble in Town but I have to think Jonny is more impressive on AHFOD overall, with AHFOD, Birds and Amazing D
  9. Following what was said above, maybe Guy has just been given preference recently. I feel like Jonny is the least outspoken in the band, so maybe he hears his guitar being tuned out and he's like "they're doing it again" but doesn't say anything. I don't know. It's clear Coldplay isn't going for a rock sound much anymore, even as good as EL was. I really wonder if they'll split one day and Jonny will have something to say about all of this. Coldplay is my favorite band but I can only imagine what kind of amazing stuff we'd get from him on a solo album. I cant imagine what incredible guitar riff
  10. That's fair. I guess I never thought of it like that. I think you're right that Guy's bass has been much more prominent on recent albums whereas pre-MX I barely noticed it, period. Maybe on Clocks and Low but that's all that's coming to mind. I know where my preference lies but I dont know. I'm sure there's a political and personal calculus to all of this we don't know about.
  11. I can't listen to the live version. I can't. It'll dim my view of the studio version big time. I remember hearing the live version of Everglow and I'm like who the HELL took Jonny out of this song? Why do they hate my love of his guitar so? 😢
  12. Anthony Fantano is my favorite music critic. Genuinely shocked to hear he has something good to say about Coldplay. 🤯 I remember him criticizing EL for not being political enough and I'm like we're lucky we got as many songs that were as we did, guy. This isn't like Rage Against the Machine.
  13. Hi, man. Also, as interesting as the separate parts are, Jonny's *verse riff comes off as heavily copying Nile Rogers' guitar on Get Lucky. As a big Daft Punk fan this immediately stood out to me. And those vocals at the end kill it for me. Can't stand when Chris does that. Lyrics could definitely be better. Lastly, I think I'm still reeling from how rock it sounded in the teaser and then it was anything but. Higher Power set realistic expectations for me. Ultimately, I like the song but I'll take Higher Power any day. The second verse lyrics on HP beat anything on AOAL for sure.
  14. This bassline is definitely a grower. In addition to what you said I would just like to add two things. The first is the guys would never use pills. I know Chris was drinking a lot before Parachutes and kicked Will out of the band but they don't use drugs. They're more Radiohead and less Oasis if you will. Not like a typical rock band at all. As for the religion part, I know Chris has stated he believes in a mixture of things. Parts Christianity, parts Islam, parts Buddhism too. In the UK, the % of the population who consider themselves conventionally Christian is like 15-20%, m
  15. Love Noel's new stuff, especially Blue Moon Rising. His guitar part on Up&Up was excellent.
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