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  1. That's pretty interesting, I haven't heard. Guessing Higher Power would be one. I remember thinking the same on a couple of songs on MX even. Maybe.
  2. Where you say "The mix forgets Jonny" is interesting to me. Because it's not like GS where the guitar in songs like AiMH and Another's Arms is quieter than it should be, or on AHFoD where in Everglow it's just taken out for the most part, on Up&Up where the second single is overtracked by the vocals and everything else, or in Amazing Day where it's just very poorly mixed and sounds distorted. I don't feel like the mixing is the problem, more that he just doesn't play that much on MotS period.
  3. You say near-universal backlash but Metacritic Music of the Spheres- 57 AHFoD- 60 Ghost Stories- 61 Now it's still the worst rated but I am betting there are more reviews that will change that score up or down. And it's really not the lowest by that much. They didn't seem concerned by the scores for those other two albums.
  4. Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (9.7) A Rush of Blood to the Head (9.5) Parachutes (9.2) Mylo Xyloto (9.1) Everyday Life (9.0) Music of the Spheres (8.5) X&Y (8.3) A Head Full of Dreams (7.2) Ghost Stories (6.0) And I do think that's where MotS will be. Can't see it higher than 8.7 or lower than 8.3. AHFoD would probably be a 7.7 or 7.8 if the production on songs like Up&Up and Amazing Day were reasonable. Overall, not a perfect album and I do wish there were more guitars but pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Love the Jon Hopkins infl
  5. It was very intimdating. Often I like albums more later on than when they originally release and this was the case with MX but I swear. I remember people losing it over the opening lyrics to ETiaW. Little did they know GS and AHFoD were right around the corner to show them how low lyrics could really go.
  6. It's definitely most similar to Parachutes and ARoBttH in its lyrical focus on relationships. I just listen to that album and think any other artist on the radio could have made it. Midnight and O aside, there's nothing for me. But I also really like MX, as I said, and people on this forum acted like it was the end of the world when that came out so to each their own.
  7. I find a lot of what you think about the band interesting. What do you like about GS? Just curious.
  8. I sense an overwhelming sense of judgment and superiority in your post, even though I don't think that's what you were going for. If you don't like electronica then you don't, that's fine. But you don't have to call it a "song" like it isn't actually music. It's not "just synth", as if it doesnt take any talent to play that just because it's not a piano. I love that little "ting ting ting." It actually reminds me a lot of the song for Star City in Diddy Kong Racing. The guitar parts are melodic and well mixed with everything else. Not dissonant or overpowering, not underused either. It's
  9. Was thinking the same when he said that song was "too rock" to begin with. Sucks that they're not interested in that but idk
  10. And I want to reiterate- As great as Parachutes, ARoBttH and even X&Y are, they weren't wildly different from what was popular *at the time* If you know about early 2000s music, guitar-based post-grunge and alternative rock was very popular then. I think even a band like Vertical Horizon had a #1 hit. Radiohead, U2 and Oasis were huge influences at the time. Coldplay took from those influences. And they're special albums. But MX and AHFoD are grandiose with pop influences, MotS and GS are strippped back and have a lot of electronic flourishes. That's what's been popular in t
  11. It's always an interesting dynamic to see how different other people feel about an album in question vs you. I disliked Ghost Stories and A Head Fill of Dreams and made my opinion known and complained but there are people who really like those albums, many longtime fans who dig GS which really surprises me. And then to be on the opposite side, to quite like MX and MotS and seeing people complain about them a lot. But that's the thing, every person is different. Also, all of these albums have been divisive after the incredible expectations Viva left us with. And it's best album of all
  12. I'm very surprised by people saying MOTS doesnt feel cohesive. The common thread to me is that space sound- so many of the songs have prominent synths in them and there's this very humanist message on many tracks like Human Heart, Humankind and Coloratura about (you guessed it) the nature of humanity and acceptance of the self and others. Even People of the Pride has that, though I will admit that song seems out of place musically with how guitar-centric it is. Ghost Stories has Midnight which sounds so different from everything else in its soundscapes, I was so hyped when I heard that as
  13. Higher Power (8.0) Humankind (9.5) Let Somebody Go (8.5) Human Heart (9.0) People of the Pride (9.5) Biutyful (5.5) My Universe (6.5) Infinity Sign (10) Coloratura (10) I'm sure a lot of these ratings seem on the high side but they are my favorite artist so I dont think it should be surprising? Compared to a lot of 5-6.5 range on GS. I think the claps give a little life to the beginning of Infinity Sign, especially when it starts out slow in the beginning so it doesn't drag. Also gives it a more dance-y feel. Not like in AoaL where it j
  14. Did they review Ghost Stories? In all seriousness, Infinity Sign is something special. It reminds me of the longer tracks on the back half of Daft Punk's album Discovery. Veridis Quo, in particular, comes to mind. But it's more interesting and less drawn out compared to that. I love it even more with each listen!
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