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2 tickets for Manchester any date with your charity receiving price of tickets plus your costs


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Hiya, im Si, new member and hands up I'm on the Kadj( Scottish term for looking for some favour 😂 lol)

Was at the Glasgow concert myself and have now found love and would love to go back. I've just recently come out of a 15yr depression where in 15 years I had 3 social events where I left my house. Two of those were where I saw Coldplay on their Viva la vida tour. My ex wife bought me tickets because she knew it was the only thing that could get me out of the house. The power of music the power of Coldplay. They played 2 songs acoustic which were beautifully blended into each other,  God put a smile on my face and talk. I was the closest seat to the band. It was as if after years of suffering I was getting a message that everything was not lost lol. God really did put a smile on my face that night for the first time in years. Anyway my illness cost me everything I lost everything except my biological 👪 family. My wife,  my son, my home,  my job and went from 13 stone fit and healthy too 28 stone and on deaths door. The only thing I retained any interest in was Coldplay,  their messages in their songs saved my life. Things like everything's not lost, am I part of the cure or part of the disease (later found out the answer to that question is both) were pivitol in my recovery. Their were others which escapes my recall. 

Anyway I'm now back from 28 stone too 13 stone ripped at 49 years old with so much wisdom and energy like a 19 year old, in fact I feel even better. All of my struggles were lesson's if only someone told me,  it wouldn't have lost 15 years of my life but I also wouldn't have the best feeling in the world every single day. Now I have my own business just started and I have helped someone reverse cancer, pulled an autistic boy back from the brink,  had someone who has been in mental words for 40 years tell me I have made her feel better than ever and recaptured her love for life. I'm changing life's with life's lesson's,knowledge and wisdom, just got started.

Now I want to have the night of my life in Manchester, its my big dream. So if anyone can fix me lol I'd be eternally grateful ❤

If anyone knows of any more UK dates I'd love to know. 

Spread the love and watch in awe as its returned to you, i love you all because we're all connected in this universe 🌌 

Thank you for reading this, I send my love 😍 

Thank you to Coldplay the best band ever for saving my life, now I'm going to repay them by saving lives. 



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