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    Chris Martin 2015 Interview - On Bono, Chopin & quest for the 'perfect happy song'

    Chris Martin - New Years 2015 interview


    Chris Martin was talking to The Sun Newspaper in Ireland in his first interview of 2015. Coldplay's lead singer appeared to be in 'top form, giggling and joking about everything' as he speaks of the year ahead, his phenomenal experience covering as U2's frontman in December, Bono's injury, his musical influences and his quest to find the 'perfect happiness song'


    This article is for the purposes of broadcasting news to fans worldwide. If you're in UK/Ireland, please sign up to The Sun+ membership. Credit to gai for the source

    Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen's amusing conspiracy!

    Coldplay's frontman continued his spirited and joyful outlook into 2015, as he looks back at an eventful end to the previous year, firstly talking about his experience at the RED concert on 1st December, when he (and Bruce Springsteen) covered for the injured Bono, during U2's performance. He couldn't help laughing and adding :

    I don’t want to give the game away, but me and Bruce Springsteen may have pushed him off his bike!





    How did it all happen? Chris expands : “I don’t want to say too much, but Bruce called me and said, ‘Listen, meet me in Central Park. I’ve been too long without a concert and I’ve got an idea’.” The singer told The Sun that we was relieved to get his old job back with Coldplay afterwards! Chris then says: “Bill Clinton was there and it was really a big deal to raise money for U2’s charity Red and they couldn’t cancel it because of Bono’s accident. So Bruce and I both sang two U2 songs and it was a total blast and I was happy to help out for the evening.”

    Chris: My love for LA

    The in-demand frontman re-iterated his love for Los Angeles and adds: “When I think about where I came from and where I am today, I am like, ‘Jeez, how did that happen?’ It’s miraculous. I mean look at this nose! It’s enormous! So many things have happened to me that I couldn't possibly have made happen myself, whether it’s meeting the rest of the band, or meeting the mother of your children or being blessed with some musical talent, or getting to live in Los Angeles. I mean, the list is so endless that I couldn’t be anything but thankful and grateful and attribute it to something other than me."


    He then chats about his background in rural Devon, South West England:


    Chris Martin interview“I come from a farming community in the west of England, where the very idea of going to America was a golden dream. There’s still a part of me every morning can’t believe that we are allowed to be there. There is always a sense of possibility".


    Focusing back on LA, Chris continued: "Of course it has its challenges and its ups and downs, but there is always an optimism that I find exciting. Maybe it’s because the sun shines in LA every day and you are surrounded by lots of other creative people, but I feel a great sense of, ‘OK, what can we make?’ And it’s nice to be by the seaside. I feel very grateful.”



    Chris' top artists right now

    Chris states he's a big fan of new Irish musician, Hozier:Hozier Coldplay

    Because of the marvel of the internet, everything is available all the time, so you can find new stuff all the time. Hozier is really great, he’s wonderful.

    In addition, "There’s a band called Disclosure that I really like and new bands coming up all the time. I love Sam Smith. I really love Azealia Banks."

    Radio Dial - Waltz In B Minor

    Let's anaylize a potential track title which came out of the woodwork in December (well spotted by @Coldplayatlas). Radio Dial - Waltz In B Minor could feature on Coldplay's next album, A Head Full Of Dreams or could be part of another project such a film. No other details at the moment but the quote below confirms how this title came to be, through his love of classical composer, Chopin (Audio for Chopin's Waltz)

    I am always discovering new old things. I just got into some Stevie Wonder records that I had not heard before. I am listening to a lot of Chopin. His music really makes me melt. I love listening to John Williams. I keep finding things that are not necessarily new to the world, just new to me


    The tension of Coldplay songs and the quest of happiness

    Chris Martin happy

    Chris explains the chemistry between Coldplay songs: “Music for me is a real catharsis and I think the fact that I can express myself allows me to enjoy the lightness of things. I do have happier music, but I think Coldplay’s songs have a tension between them. You could hear them as sad or you could hear them as uplifting, depending on your mood.


    The Coldplay frontman doesn't really tell on whether their songs are happy or sad and leaves it to the imagination of the fans instead to interpret the feeling. This appears to be because of the intentional 'tension' with the band's music: “Sometimes when a song comes through that’s really just happy or sad, the rest of the band doesn't accept it, because they like a certain tension.


    And when finishing his interview with The Sun, Chris tells them of his ambition to find the 'perfect happy song'. Chris quoted in 2014 that the band are trying to make the perfect song everyday, with Yellow previously referenced.

    “It’s hard to perfect a happy song. Pharrell managed it. Stevie Wonder managed it. Bill Withers managed it. I haven’t managed it yet.”

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