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    Chris Martin Surrenders 'One Fine Day' Track To ex-Talking Heads Guitarist

    chrismartinnyc2008a.jpg[excerpt from this month's Rolling Stone]


    One fine day' — there's a funny story about that," Brian Eno says with a smile, referring to one of the 11 songs on Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, the new, gleaming art-pop album the British producer and occasional solo artist has made with his friend, ex-Talking Heads singer-guitarist David Byrne.


    Sitting at a table across from Byrne in the latter's Lower Manhattan office, Eno says that at a point early in the record's extended birth, he played a piece of instrumental music in his London studio for Coldplay's Chris Martin: "Chris said, 'Wow, I'd love to work on that.' I'd given it to David a few months before and hadn't heard anything back. So I gave it to Chris."

    Six months later, Martin excitedly told Eno he had written "the most amazing song" for that track. Ironically, that day, Byrne finally e-mailed Eno an MP3 of "One Fine Day," Byrne's space-gospel spin — with a sunny vocal and wry, hopeful lyrics — on Eno's spongy electronics. When Martin heard it, he surrendered gracefully. "He said, 'I can't do better than that,' " Eno recalls, chuckling. "Incredible timing."


    Read the full article here [thanks clisaj]

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