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    Coldplay Scribbles: Scribble 7c

    We here at coldplaying.com hope that you have had a very pleasant Christmas and New Year. This is the first post for the year and since the last Scribble it was the site's 2nd birthday. Thankyou and congratulations to all the visitors out there that have made the site such a success.


    We have worked tirelessly on updating the site and it has evolved greatly in the past 24 months. The site is now running consistently well after a few slow months of rebuilding and reorganising, and additions such as the new messageboard and photoalbum, amongst other projects. Even though the site doesn't look much different in its appearance, there has been a lot of changes behind the scenes, namely a change of webhost, which was required in order for the site to continue growing at the rate it has been doing. If you were unaware, the site receives in excess of 1500 visitor hits a day, and will continue to rise in line with popularity of Coldplay themselves.


    If you have any suggestions on additions to the site please post them in the forums using the messageboard link above, or send it to me at [email protected]. Also feel free to post any relative news in the forums so other fans may benefit.


    This year looks to be a big one for Coldplay, promoting further their new album, 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head', which no doubt means there will be plenty to talk about in coming months from people who have been to gigs such as the 2nd leg of the American tour and also the sprinkling of UK gigs. More awards, more television appearances, new singles and b-sides and most importantly, more COLDPLAY await.


    I'll leave it there, thankyou once again for your continued support. Happy Coldplaying!

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