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    Element Labs Breaks New Ground On Coldplay's 'Speed of Sound'

    speedofsound3a.jpgAustin, Texas – 23 May 2005 – Coldplay’s video for its newest single, “Speed of Sound” debuted today—backed up by Versa™ TUBE units from Element Labs. In an unprecedented application, nearly the entire video shoot was done with LED lights from a total of 700 Versa TUBEs.


    Filmed on a massive sound stage, the video features a delicate, half crescent back wall composed of 640 Versa TUBEs placed on approximately 6” centers. Since the TUBEs were used without diffusion sleeves and the surrounding structure is quite minimal, the lights appear to be suspended in midair.


    Production designer Mike Keeling of Project X and director Mark Romanek put together this singular look. “The idea here is having the band on this raw stage and everything is done in silhouette with lighting and key lighting,” Keeling explains. “Once we embarked on it, Mark and I just decided to do the entire video in LED lighting. That was the criterion. I got chills just thinking about it.”


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