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    [Music Review] Glastonbury DVD | CD

    glastonbury1.jpgMud. Mushrooms. Men on stilts. Mad mantronics breathing fire... it's safe to say there's nowhere like Glastonbury. Those who saw the Julien Temple film of the festival when it came out earlier this year probably watched it with a weird and awkwardly visceral feeling of nostalgia. Old memories are evoked, smiles creep on to our faces and a muddy spliff is raised to Michael and family. While the film, and now this accompanying CD, fill the void, they remind us how great the gathering is but also turn the knife that we're not there right now, in a city-sized field, dirty, messed up and having the time of our lives.


    Classic pop abounds, Babyshambles, Scissor Sisters, who dedicate 'Laura' to their first lady, and Pulp seem to have kidnapped Hayseed Dixie's fiddler for 'Common People'. The inclusion of David Gray is hopefully a cheeky slice of irony. Another means of inclusion here is flattery. Coldplay's entry features Chris Martin gushing "Give me weather that does no harm... Michael Eavis and Worthy Farm... Give me mud up to my knees... the best festival in history..."


    Read the full review here"glastonbury" [glastonbury]



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