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    9th Nov 2007 - Will Champion Interview - The Rhythm Studio

    willchampion.jpgColdplay's Will Champion talks to The Rhythm Studio about the new album, life on the road and his beloved Saints...


    How’s work on the new album going?

    It's going very well. We have our own studio now which is great because it means we can go in at any time of the day and we don't have to worry about wasting time in an expensive studio. We've been writing and playing for most of the year now and have been recording for about 2 months... so far!


    What was the inspiration behind recording in various churches in Spain?

    The idea was to have a little bit of a change of scenery. We were just recording group vocals and wanted to go to spaces that were acoustically and aesthetically interesting, to give the record some different character.


    How has Brian Eno influenced the Coldplay sound?

    Brian's work has always been an influence on us. From the things he's done with Bowie and Talking Heads to his own solo records, his use of atmospheric sound and electronic treatment of traditional instruments is something that we've used heavily in the past. Funnily enough, this record sounds less Eno-like than the last couple even though it is the only one he has worked on officially!


    Read the full interview here

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