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    Casey Gibson '09 and Filligar in the Running to Open for Coldplay

    magicball.jpgThe band Filligar, which includes Hamilton student Casey Gibson '09, has been chosen as a finalist in the competition to open for Coldplay in their upcoming concert in Boston. Currently fourth in the pool of 15 finalists, Filligar needs to be one of the top three vote-winners in order to have the chance to be chosen by Coldplay as the opener.


    Filligar is based out of Chicago and includes Gibson's childhood friends Pete, Teddy and Johnny Mathias. The band performed on the Hill as part of the May Day festivities this spring, and their song "Big Things" was featured on the season premiere of MTV's "Real World: Hollywood." Filligar has also self-released two albums, Succession, I Guess, and The City Tree, which received favorable reviews from critics including Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times and Sound Opinions. DeRogatis praised the album for its "poetic lyrics, keyboard arpeggios and genteel but winning melodies."


    The concert, which will take place in Boston on August 4, is part of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" tour. Filligar supporters can see the band's video and cast their votes at www.coldplayontour.com/wfnx.

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