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    Chris Martin goes RnB

    Chris Martin has been telling us more about the songwriting he's done for Jamelia.


    He went on Simon Mayo's show on Five Live on Monday to talk about the Make Trade Fair campaign which he supports.


    Read more via the link...He said not to expect anything from Coldplay this year because they're working on the next album which he says he wants to make the best thing anybody has ever heard.


    He also gave his reaction to Bryan leaving Westlife, joking that it might mean there's space for him in the band.


    Chris also said the song he wrote for Jamelia, called 'See it in a Boy's Eyes', was only meant for her:


    "No-one was ever supposed to know that I wrote it to be honest. The record companies kind of screw that up. My perspective is, I think she's an amazing singer and I had nothing to do for a week, so I thought, 'I wonder if I could ever write a song for Jamelia?'"


    "This is what I'm saying - you've got to go for things in life haven't you? Jamelia then, in return, when she's an enormous global superstar, she might mention the words 'fair trade' when she picks up an MTV award."


    Source: BBC

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