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    Chris Martin seeks out Sushi in Rio De Janeiro (new pictures)

    20100227cmsushi2a.jpgChris Martin arrived with his daughter Apple at Leblon Sushi restaurant, and then signs autographs before dining on Saturday (February 27) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, reports Just Jared today. See the pictures after the jump.


    Chris recently revealed that he hoped to have Coldplay’s fifth album out by Christmas. But don’t expect any tracks to get leaked earlier. "There are only two people in the whole building who know how to open all the recording files. Even we (Coldplay) don’t know how to do it. We couldn’t even steal our own music. You would have to be a computer genius and a great burglar to get into the building, and download it, and mix it," he said in an interview with Globo.com. As for future albums, Chris said, "We signed for a lot [of records], it won’t be the last one. We’re 'owned', we can’t do anything without asking someone’s permission."

    Meanwhile, Guy Berryman further spoke on the new album with Brazilian outlet Terra, today. In the interview, Guy said, "We're working on a new album that is more acoustic, organic, without wanting to sound small. We have some limitations in the manner of recording, the equipment we use - for now, we're only using acoustic instruments and very little amplification, which sounds good, but we don't know where it's going. But we have many songs written and we're very pleased with what we've done so far.


    On a Christmas 2010 release, Berryman was hopeful. "Well... that's the plan. But you know, we have an incredible ability to disobey the dates planned. But hopefully when we finish this (Viva la Vida) tour, we can return to work and finish as quickly as possible. The only requirement is that is good."


    On Brian Eno, Berryman says, "Yes, he (Brian) is not so involved in production, but he's joining us to test new songs, one or two times a week. It's great to have him around - he always brings new ideas and makes us think differently, escpecially with the rhythms that we use. The structures of the songs are very different and he is always willing to try something new. He gets bored very fast, so to keep his interest we have to keep moving with new ideas."


    Chris Martin seeks out Sushi in Rio De Janeiro (27th February 2010):










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